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Jeselene Andrade ’13

Program Coordinator, Health Policy and Health Services Research Department, BU School of Dental Medicine

Pine Manor College, Community Health Major, Human Health Minor

Brockton High Schools, Brockton, MA

MPH degree and Internationally-focused Public Health Professional

Life After Graduation

After graduating I have been taking graduate classes at Boston University in the School of Public Health. I am a member of the Engage Group of Partners in Health (Boston University Chapter). Currently I work at Boston University School of Dental Medicine in the Health Policy and Health Services Research Department. I am their Program Coordinator and am responsible for all administrative duties for the Dental Public Health Program and I am the assistant to the department’s administrative manager, and working towards earning an MPH. My plan is to work internationally in different NGOs and the World Health Organization as a Public Health Professional.

How PMC Helped Me

I chose PMC because it is a small school, and I was planning to run for Cross Country Team. The liberal arts focus allowed me to be able to explore different options and figure out where my interest was. I did my Senior Internship at United Health Care in Waltham, This internship allowed me to gain experience in working on the corporate side of Community Health. I was able to complete projects individually and as a team, and I acquired in-depth knowledge about how healthcare coverage plays a part on the amount and quality of care a person can receive. I also came to understand how preventive measures can decrease the ultimate cost of healthcare for the patient and company.

The faculty genuinely are there to help you learn and grow. The small classrooms and one-on-one connections created with professors gave me the extra confidence I needed in my academics to be successful and overcome challenges. The small classrooms allowed me to actually learn all the material rather than just feeling lost in a large crowd and labeled as a number. At PMC I was able create a partnership with my professors and utilize them to the fullest.

The faculty at PMC were flexible and accommodating in helping me find my true interest. They allowed me explore a number of off-campus opportunities that fostered my passion for Public Health. I worked with my advisor (Dr. Bear) to create two summer-long Independent Studies, in India and Egypt. These experiences not only defined my passion for the field but allowed me to actually apply my skills.