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Johanne (Souffrant) Watts ’09

RN, General Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)

Simmons College School of Nursing and Health Sciences, BSN

Pine Manor College, Biology Major

West Roxbury High school, West Roxbury, MA

Advanced study leading to the PhD in Nursing Science and continued contribution to evidence-based clinical care.

“The professors push students to think critically, have strong communication skills, be independent and think outside the box.”

Life After Graduation

“One week after my graduation from Pine Manor, I was hired to be a Health Educator at Boston Medical Center (BMC). This was an expansion of my PMC senior internship duties at BMC. When the federal funding for that initiative was completed, I was then hired as an Obstetrics Case Manager at the Mattapan Health Center. I pursued my passion and was accepted to the direct entry accelerated program at Simmons College School of Nursing where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). In 2014, I became a Registered Nurse and currently work at Massachusetts General Hospital. As a nurse, I focus on evidence-based practice to provide optimal care to my patients. In addition to all the hands-on clinical duties, my responsibilities include coordinating care in collaboration with interdisciplinary team members, and educating patients.”

How PMC Helped Me

“I chose PMC due to its size. I knew I would get the personalized attention from professors, because of smaller classrooms. Pine Manor’s liberal arts foundation allowed me to learn broadly. I was able to learn different subjects in depth, which allowed my mind to expand and gain perspective. All the faculty at PMC encouraged me to gain knowledge and experiences that I needed in my career path. For example, when I made the decision to further my career in nursing, as part of the biology major at PMC I had already taken all the courses the accelerated program in the nursing school required. While at Pine Manor, I completed my senior internship at Boston Medical Center (BMC) in the Infectious Disease department. My internship enabled me to increase my knowledge and introduced me to the skills that are now so valuable to my career.

The Biology Program is exceptional. The faculty had a significant impact on my career path because they prepared me to pursue my passion and goal. Biology faculty members are passionate about the subjects they teach, and they encourage students to be flexible. Nurses are lifelong learners and my long term plans are to increase my value and contribution to my field by pursuing higher education in nursing science.”