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Katherine Tavarez ‘15

Research Technician, Andrology Project and BioSafety Officer, Reprosource Fertility Biotechnology

Biology Major and National Science Foundation BioScholar

Lawrence High School, Lawrence, MA

Ph.D. in Genetics and Molecular Biology and a position in a clinical lab doing a combination of research and clinical work focused on fertility issues.

Life after Graduation

“I actually found my full time job during the spring semester of my senior year! I’m currently working full time at Reprosource Fertility, a small biotechnology company that is focused on developing resources and products to help with infertility problems. I’m currently a clinical specimen processor. I deal with samples from clinician’s offices all over the country. I process and analyze these samples to determine fertility, karyotypes, and the immunology of women and men who are making plans for in vitro fertilization with their doctors.”

How PMC Helped Me

“Pine Manor College is my home!”

“I chose Pine Manor because it was a small college. Critical thinking was very important at PMC and now starting down the path into my career, I see the power of that skill. I always seem to be creating new ideas for the biotech company where I work! The biology major showed me how to be on time with work and meet deadlines, which is very important in all areas, not just the sciences. The labs taught with the courses showed me many techniques I would need to use in a lab setting. The required Senior Internship at Pine Manor is incredibly valuable. You are allowed to pick an area of interest and explore it. My internships showed me what I do and don’t like. At my first internship in a research lab at Tufts University, I learned that I didn’t want to work with tissues or mice. At my second internship at Reprosource Fertility, I learned that I don’t want to be at the bottom of a company, but rather want to move up in responsibility. That is what helped me to decide to go on for more education and apply to a PhD program. I also found out that I really love working on fertility issues and want it to be my focus.

The professors in the Biology Program are amazing. I learned so much and it is knowledge that I am using right now and will always have to know. Pine Manor College and the professors who make PMC, especially all of my biology professors have made a huge impact on my biomedical career start. I would not have gotten the same experience in any other college. I would recommend PMC not only to students with similar backgrounds as mine, but to every young person who wants to see growth not just in their chosen field of study, but growth into an educated person.”