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Margaret Roberts ’13

Currently pursuing advanced degree:
University of Rochester, New York, Master’s degree program in Marriage and Family Therapy

Pine Manor College, Double major in English and Psychology

Louis E. Dieruff, Allentown, PA

Life After Graduation

Following her graduation from Pine Manor, Margaret spent a year as an English Language Teacher in a High School in China, posting many photos of her adventures. She is currently enrolled in a Master’s degree program in Marriage and Family Therapy at the University of Rochester in New York. She will be graduating in 2016. Margaret hopes that “5 years from now I expect to be working in a collaborative setting as a LMFT…I also will never stop incorporating what I have learned at Pine Manor College in my life and in my career.”

How PMC Helped Me

Margaret graduated in 2013 as a double major in English and Psychology. Because of our small and personalized academic programs, students can easily double major within their four years at Pine Manor. This is exactly one of the reasons Margaret chose to attend Pine Manor, “I chose PMC because of the openness and diversity of the faculty, staff, and students. It was empowering to see talented women pursuing their dreams and it felt like I had a voice and I wasn’t just a number…”

As an English and Psychology double major, Margaret appreciated the importance of having a strong background in the Liberal Arts, “having a liberal art’s focus was important because it allowed me to look at the world from different viewpoints. Having a variety of classes, while focusing on my majors taught me how to think systemically. Attending a liberal arts college does not limit the work you may want to do afterwards. It stretches your imagination and prepares you for the changing future. The numerous skills I acquired helped me to teach abroad, travel to new places, and pursue a mental health degree.”

Margaret also utilized her Psychology and written communication skills acquired through her English courses during her senior internship working as a Research Assistant in an Infant and Child Cognition Lab at Boston College. During this experience, Margaret applied the knowledge that she learned over the four years at Pine Manor College… “Data collecting and coding made me more patient as an individual. It takes a long time to enter data and it was extremely important that I entered it correctly. Overall, I believe that I learned a lot from this internship…”

Margaret was a leader in and out of the classroom during her time at Pine Manor and earned numerous athletic awards while playing soccer and academic awards in both of her majors. She served as a teaching assistant in three different Psychology courses, including the psychology research and statistics classes. According to her advisor, Diane Mello- Goldner, “Margaret was clearly a leader in the classroom and this was especially apparent in her community based research group. She and her group conducted a research project related to satisfaction issues on the Pine Manor campus. The group was able to design an online survey assessing faculty and staff satisfaction, and also ran several focus groups with students to address specific issues related to student satisfaction. This project was presented as a poster presentation during the Fall 2012 New England Psychological Association conference.”

Margaret also embraced the College’s values of social responsibility, community service, and diversity, “in two of my psychology classes, the idea of mentoring and having conversation partners was stressed because not everyone comes from the same culture and it is important that people know that. Understanding this paved the way for me in my current role as a Marriage and Family Therapy Trainee. When working with individuals and families, it is important to understand where they come from and what they believe in, in order to help change and improve their lives.”

Professor Ramirez, her instructor for Psychology of the Family, recalls that Maggie chose to mentor an international student from the college’s English Language Institute, as part of a service learning option, “Maggie was able to build a strong rapport with this student and used her excellent communication skills to assist this student as she acclimated to a new culture. Maggie had a strong desire to help other students, whether that was as an Resident Assistant in the dorms, as a Teaching Assistant or as part of the larger Pine Manor community. These experiences helped guide Maggie in her future endeavors.”