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Shakia Weaver ‘13

Master’s Candidate in Social Work and Case Worker at Judge Baker Children’s Center

Community Health Major, Social and Political Systems Minor

Community Health Outreach Professional, Child Services.

“I knew that helping people has always been my passion. I plan a career in community outreach. The course-based community projects and my internship at Pine Manor allowed me to work with people in the community and practice the skills I will need in my profession.”

Life after Graduation

“Since graduating from Pine Manor my main goal has been to work with children and families. Shortly after I graduated, I was employed at Children Services of Roxbury as a Therapeutic Training Support counselor. I then began work at Judge Baker Children’s Center as a telephone case screener, where I am currently employed. I am also enrolled in the Master’s of Social Work Program at Salem State University and will begin classes full time in the upcoming fall semester.”

How PMC Helped Me

“When people asked me when I was five what I wanted to be, I told them a princess, a nurse, or a superstar. When people asked me when I was 15 what I wanted to do, I was still at a point in my life where I debated if school was for me; my main goal was to graduate from high school and see where it went from there. Many discussions with teachers and advisors showed me if I wanted to make it far in life, I would need to go to college. I wanted to be able to be the provider for my family since they provided for me for so many years. Growing up around people who really don’t have much in life could really take an impact on someone and since I grew in a family who worked very hard to make a living, I wanted to be different. It made me want to change; it made me want to do better. I wanted my nieces and nephews, and others siblings to look up to me and for them to say “my auntie graduated college, she is successful and I want to be like her when I grow up.”

“At Pine Manor, I knew I wanted to pursue a Community Health major because it was in the health field and involved helping the community, which I originally wanted to do. My classes developed my depth of knowledge and were eye openers by empowering me to see my future a bit more clearly. I can go out in communities and feel I have knowledge about them; I may not know everything there is to know but I can feel comfort around them by giving the information that they may not be aware of and remembering to never assume or judge them. Through my classes and internships it was reinforced that I must act in an ethical manner at all times which will assist those in the community in feeling comfortable around me.

One class that really helped me see my future more clearly was the Community Service Learning Project. Two other Pine Manor College students and I worked with the Brookline Department of Public Health to design a project that would allow us to work in the community to educate young children. We developed and implemented a program to teach young children the importance of hand washing. I needed only one experience for me to see that this was something that I enjoyed doing, and I could see myself doing community outreach for the rest of my life.

I would definitely recommend Pine Manor to prospective students! Pine Manor has helped me in some many ways, from the classes I took to the internships I did. The classes were small and the professors were awesome! I was able to take advantage of so many great opportunities. I had community-based experiences tied specifically to my courses: I worked with two other Community Health majors to design a project for pre-school children through the Brookline Department of Public Health; I did a service learning project with a community partner with my student team in the Social Research Methods course; My semester-long internship was at United Healthcare in Waltham where I experienced the challenges and goals of those providing health insurance to a very diverse population of elderly with limited incomes. And for my Senior Capstone Project I designed and administered, with other senior Community Health majors, a project with Community Health workers from the surrounding area.

The PMC professors helped me so much along the way to graduate and even to this day I am still in contact with faculty and staff at Pine Manor who have been a great resource as I plan my next career steps.”