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Stephanie Crawford ’09

Teacher in the Boston Public Schools (K2)
Enrolled in a Graduate Program at Lesley University, and will obtain a M.ED in Special Education (PreK-8) in 2016

Pine Manor College, Major in Early Childhood:  Education, Health and Leadership

John D. O’Bryant School of Math Science, Roxbury, MA

Life after Graduation

Stephanie was hired as an Early Childhood Educator immediately upon graduation. She sought out experiences teaching in several different teaching positions and locations in the first 4 years of her career. She has worked as an infant-toddler teacher, as a pre-school teacher, and as a paraprofessional supporting special needs children. Stephanie is currently a K2 classroom teacher in the Boston Public School system – as a teacher of Learning Disabled children. She is responsible for the learning of 22 children. Stephanie is also the Kindergarten representative for her school in Universal Design implementation, and her school’s building representative for the Boston Teacher’s Union.

Stephanie’s success and passion in teaching was profiled in the Boston Globe Magazine in October of 2014.

Stephanie is also the founder and CEO of a nonprofit organization, Propa City Community Outreach. (PCCO). (See The organization’s goal is to support mothers who have been affected by pregnancy loss and to provide them the tools and support to move on to the next steps in their lives. Stephanie began the organization in 2011 and it has met with great success.

How PMC Helped Me

Stephanie feels the Education department prepared her for the many demands and requirements that teachers face today. “I had many successful teaching experiences and internships as a student in the Education program. The classes I took related to everything that I am involved in today. I had an opportunity to create Universal Design Lesson plans, exposure to many types of curriculum, learned about the politics of education, developmentally appropriate practice, many types of children’s literature, classroom management, and the importance of families in the education of every child. I graduated from Pine Manor College with a strong skill set, knowledge about the field of education and a dedication and passion about teaching that was evident and contagious in the program.”

Stephanie goes on to say: “My liberal arts experiences at Pine Manor College have enabled me to think about ideas from multiple perspectives. This background supports me every day in my work and my volunteer activities. Having a broad knowledge of information helps in designing lessons, speaking to my peers, professionals, and parents with so many different backgrounds.”

Stephanie believes that any student, especially those coming from, or hoping to work in the inner city, should attend Pine Manor College. “As a student at Pine Manor you will be provided a range of teaching experiences that few colleges offer. Dr. McElroy works diligently to find internships and placements that work for each student’s individual goals. The atmosphere in the program is warm and supportive and the professors take time to get to know you, help you sort things out, experiment with ideas, so you will be connected with the Education department “family” long after graduation. I still call Dr. McElroy for advise, support, or just to catch up.”

Program Coordinator, Dr. Sandra McElroy writes, “Stephanie Crawford is part of an amazing group of talented, bright and creative individuals who attend and have attended Pine Manor College’s rigorous and engaging Education program. She did an exceptional job in her internships, and her dedication to the children she taught was always evident. She is a thinker, a leader, and a hard worker who desires to keep learning and growing.”
“Students come to the college and the enter the Early Childhood: Education, Health and Leadership program with a variety of interests, skills and goals related to, but not limited to: teaching, after school programs, community programs, coaching, tutoring, creative arts, early intervention, public policy, creating their own day care centers, or – if interested – pursuing a graduate program. Students in our program have been very successful both in gaining employment and within the positions they have accepted.”