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Tamara Sakala ‘14

Currently pursuing advanced degree:
Masters of Science in business at Lasell college

Global PreMBA program at Yale University Summer 2015

Pine Manor College, Double Major in Psychology and Management Organizational Change.

Kasisi Girls Secondary School, Lusaka, Zambia

Life after Graduation

“After graduating from PMC I worked in two jobs, as a market researcher and in a literacy and math intervention department assistanting first, second and fourth graders. I worked with small groups of children who require early intervention or are below benchmark levels in reading and math.”

How PMC Helped Me

“I feel that PMC’s liberal arts focus was important to my progress in my career in that it prepared me for the world of work by providing me with a set of skills such as communicating effectively, and lifelong learning skills that are not specific to a job. I feel I can work in any field I want to because I have acquired a broad range of different skills.

I have learned a lot from my majors. The faculty went beyond textbooks to help me understand what I was learning. I was pushed to think beyond the information provided. My majors (Psychology and Management) can be used on a very wide spectrum allowing me to try new things. Whatever career path I end up choosing, my majors will provide me with an excellent foundation for success.

I completed my internship at Legacy Marketing of Boston. I worked mostly with the Human Resources Department. HR has a variety of components and I learned a great deal at my internship, but mostly I learned how to interact with people in a professional environment. From recruiting candidates to scheduling interviews and meeting interviewees, there’s a great deal of effective communication needed. Effective communication is important to me because I believe it can be a barrier that limits people from achieving their goals.

One of PMC’s greatest impacts on me is related to the College’s learning outcomes. Critical thinking, communication skills, multi-cultural perspective, and application of knowledge have all impacted my career. The outcomes I learned guide me into knowing how I can handle situations in and out of the workplace.

Growing up in Zambia, I attended the Kasisi Girls Secondary School in Lusaka, Zambia, when a neighbor suggested Pine Manor to me because she attended PMC and loved it. My interest in PMC grew as I learned about the number of international students and the many different cultures represented on campus.

Now that I am an alumna of the college as well, I would definitely recommend that a high school student with a background similar to mine attend Pine Manor College as preparation for a successful career. At PMC you are going to learn about a variety of career choices. Because Pine Manor is a small college students are always there to help you progress, so you have help from professors as well as fellow students. How can one not succeed with such help? If you want to be around people who care for your success and know you by name, Pine Manor College is the best place for you. Also if you wish to travel to different countries, you are going to meet a lot of international students and you can learn a lot from them and make friends from around the world.