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We are happy to share with you the Pine Manor College 2019 Bulletin.
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Bulletin 2019

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Dear Alumnae/i, Friends and Neighbors,

Welcome Home! These are the words that greeted our students (including 110 first-year students!) as they arrived on campus this fall. Home is where the heart is, where one is nurtured and cared for and where one contributes to the well-being of all. Home is not actually a place. It is a set of experiences, memories, feelings, and people that make us feel good and valued. It reflects a time in our lives when we are strengthened and when we strengthen others by showing love, care, and commitment. Because of all of this, we grow. That’s why so many of our students, alums, and friends call Pine Manor College home. Our mission, indeed our whole being, is about creating home.In these pages you will see how true this is. We highlight seven remarkable alums who “came home” to Pine Manor College as Faculty, Staff, and Members of the Board of Trustees. They returned with their gifts and well-honed talents to give back to those who helped pave the way for them and so that they could contribute to the next generation. You will read the messages of gratitude by alums for what Pine Manor College has and continues to offer to all members of our community. It is present in the words of our Commencement speakers, our first-generation students, our graduates, and one Alum whose appreciation spanned over 50 consecutive years of donations to PMC.

As you read through this edition of our Bulletin, we hope you feel the pull of home and save the date for our Coming Home weekend in November 2020! It will be a special all-College reunion to which all are invited. We will use it as an occasion to celebrate you and all who make Pine Manor College a community. We hope by then to showcase many changes on campus, among them: gifted renovations to the Rosemary Ashby Student Center Atrium; gifted new and improved accessibility renovations to the Ferry and other key buildings; the Pine Manor College Community Garden, which was launched in May and is now being harvested for use in the College’s dining hall and for lab studies by the Biology Department; and a revitalized Hess Art Gallery and Ellsworth Theatre for which the College recently received a matching grant opportunity of $70,000 to cover half the cost of renovating this incredible space (see page 16 for more details and how you can help).Home is indeed where the heart is. Home is Pine Manor College!

Very truly yours,

Thomas M. O’Reilly


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