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Dear Alumnae/i, Friends and Neighbors,

This past year has been an exceptional one. From a global pandemic, increased racial tension, and an election year like no other in recent memory, our personal and communal resiliency has been tested. As I reflect on the choices we have made and the values we have upheld as individuals and as a community, I am filled with gratitude and pride, because we never lose sight of our mission of caring for our students, placing them and their wellbeing at the center of every decision we make.

Pine Manor College is known for the focus and determination of its community to creating paths for our students to ensure their success, whether in their journey to complete their degrees or their journey to find meaningful careers and beyond. Our passion for student success is woven into our actions, from the programs and initiatives that faculty and staff design, to the dedication of our dining hall team and support staff – small and big acts that are all focused on empowering our students and ourselves to fulfill our promise of Educating with Purpose.

Our story captured the attention and the imagination of our visionary friends and colleagues at Boston College. It was our mission of educating with purpose that was the basis for the relationship we created together and that will ensure the Pine Manor College legacy is magnified for years to come.

When I joined Pine Manor College in 2016 it quickly became clear to me that the expertise, dedication and passion for our students’ success is at the core of the Pine Manor College identity. Through the Initiative for Student Success, we continued to promote and refine what is clearly the Pine Manor College hallmark and quickly gained recognition for the tremendously important work done at Pine Manor College.

Many of the stories you will read in this Bulletin reflect the unique student body of predominantly first-generation, low-income students of color at PMC and the fascinating work that continues to inspire me and others. I am so very proud of the work we do and thankful for everyone in our community who makes our mission come to life on a daily basis.

I hope that you’ll enjoy this issue and keep Pine Manor College in mind during this season of giving. There is so much more to do. Today is just the beginning.

Very truly yours,

Thomas M. O’Reilly


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