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What is the Pine Manor College Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund promotes a commitment to annual support of Pine Manor College through consistent giving and involvement among the broadest audience of Alumnae/i, parents and friends. Annual gifts to the College support faculty teaching initiatives and their professional growth, enhance the collection of resources in the Annenberg Library, provide scholarships for students, and provide support to our expanding athletic program and student activities.

Why does Pine Manor need the Annual Fund?

PMC needs the Annual Fund because we are a non-profit institution and we strive to keep tuition costs down to make Pine Manor education available to more people. Higher education is about providing access and opportunity for people to gain a quality education, and is not geared towards making a profit.

When people give to the Annual Fund, they qualify for a tax refund. Why?

People get a tax refund for their gift because Pine Manor College is a charitable or non-profit institution and the government wants to encourage individuals (and corporations and foundations) to support charitable organizations. That way, institutions like Pine Manor can better sustain the integrity of their purpose as a not-for-profit institution.

Who gives to the Annual Fund?

People who care about the College and are invested in its progress contribute to Pine Manor’s Annual Fund. They might desire to support our mission of Inclusive Leadership and Social Responsibility, or the College they loved so much, or preserving the small, interactive nature of the Pine Manor experience, or women’s education in general, or in honor of a special classmate or faculty member, etc.

Our donors include:

  • Alumnae/i who know first-hand the value of this special College
  • Parents who value the experience their daughter had at Pine Manor
  • Faculty and Staff who want to show added support for the College
  • Neighbors who think we are good neighbors, and that it’s a good thing to have a College like Pine Manor nearby
  • Friends of the College, people who have come to an event or performance or have found PMC to be a valuable resource in the community
  • Vendors who have a commercial relationship with the College and want to show that they support our mission.

How Does Pine Manor raise Annual Fund money?

Pine Manor relies on a combination of direct mail, e-mail, telephone, and personal solicitations to meet its Annual Fund targets each year. Annual Fund volunteers play a vital role in all of these approaches by drafting and signing appeal letters, placing phone calls, and making visits on behalf of the College.

If I make a pledge to the Annual Fund, by what date do I have to make my payment?

The Annual Fund includes all gifts between July 1 and June 30. If you make a pledge, you have until June 30, to make the pledge payment in order for your gift to be counted in that year’s Annual Fund total.

How can I make a gift to the Annual Fund?

  • Make a check out to “Pine Manor College” and mail it to the Annual Fund Office, Pine Manor College, 400 Heath Street, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467.
  • Charge your gift to a credit card (American Express, VISA, MasterCard, or Discover) by using our secure website or contacting the Development Office at 617-731-7132 or
  • Faculty and Staff may use payroll deduction to have a certain amount deducted from their paychecks each pay period until they reach the gift amount they wish to contribute. Please contact Development Office at 617-731-7132,, to make arrangements for payroll deduction.

How Does Pine Manor Recognize Donors?

Pine Manor College has three recognition associations to honor the generosity of our donors. For Annual Fund donors, we established the Associates Club and the Sustaining Partners. For donors who have included Pine Manor College in their financial plans through a bequest or life-income charitable gift option, we established the Helen Temple Cooke Society. For more information on this society, please the Development Office at 617-731-7132,

All donors, regardless of the level of their giving, receive recognition in Pine Manor’s Annual Donor Report. Alumnae donors are listed under their class banners with their fellow classmates who supported the programs and operations of the College.