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Recent PMC Grads

At Pine Manor College we are proud of our graduates. Hear what some of our recent graduates have to say about their college experience and their plans for the future.
Click on the name to watch a short interview with the graduate.

Tatiana Mendez ’15
Biology, NSF BioScholar

“I’m leaving here with my dream job…”

Alie Johnston ’13

“I gained a lot of confidence and had a great education… so I feel very equipped, so I’ll be applying to Med school…”

Erin Cunningham ’14
Community Health

“ [for my internship]…I worked with a community health program evaluation consultant, it was excellent getting a really hands-on experience in research design implementation…”

Katharine Tavarez ’15
Biology, NSF BioScholar

“I got hired full-time, so I’m very happy to say I loved my internship, and my job now…”


Vena Priestly ’13

“…the internship that I did at the autopsy suite at Brigham and Women’s [Hospital], opened the gateway… and that’s where I actually work now…”

Manouchka Desir ’15

“I couldn’t be happier that I came to Pine Manor!”


Jamie Northup ’15
Biology, NSF BioScholar

“I learned how much I have a passion for Biology…I really want to go into cancer research.”  “…I love the school – I love everything about it!”

Heba Khurram ’14
Biology and
Community Health

“My Senior year internship was at United Healthcare as a Care Manager That helped me decide that I want to go to Medical School…”

Margaret Roberts ’13
Psychology and English

“ Everything is so real life here [at Pine Manor]…”

Daniela Ramirez ’13

“ I did my internship at Mass General Hospital… I’m going to apply for graduate school and I hope to become a Physician Assistant…”

Karla Bermudez ’14

“ I got a job at Lahey Clinic…I’m looking to get into a Nursing program and continue my education…”


Ngan Lam ’15

“I did my internship at a Pharmacy… the whole experience was new to me and I learned a lot…” “ …I want to become a Pharmacist so I’m applying to Pharmacy School…”

Tatiana Mendez ’15 – Biology


Alie Johnston ’13 – Biology


Erin Cunningham ’14 – Community Health


Katharine Tavarez ’15 – Biology


Vena Priestly ’13 – Biology


Manouchka Desir ’15 – Psychology


Jamie Northup ’15 – Biology


Heba Khurram ’14 – Biology and Community Health


Margaret Roberts ’13 – Psychology and English


Daniela Ramirez ’13 – Biology


Karla Bermudez ’14 – Biology


Ngan Lam ’15 – Biology