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 Dear PMC Community,

On behalf of President Ashby, I would like to send you all an update regarding an exciting new initiative that will impact our future recruitment and retention.

Over the past several months, Pine Manor College initiated a strategic planning process that has created a much clearer and narrower focus for PMC’s mission and purposes. While our mission remains the same, PMC is undergoing a significant transformation as a consequence of this planning process. It has always been known, at least to those of us on campus, that Pine Manor College’s strong liberal arts curriculum prepares students not only for their careers but also for their lives. The College combines this strong liberal arts education with our academic major programs and senior internship. Many of our students enter careers in the biomedical sciences, mental health services, community advocacy, healthcare management, and healthcare delivery. PineManorCollegeis committed to strengthening these relationships during the coming years as well as building similar relationships for our other academic programs.

We are not drastically changing our curriculum, nor are we planning to eliminate any current academic programs. What we hope is to increase the number of students enrolled in several programs that have been especially successful in placing students in jobs directly after graduation. This success has been a best kept secret and PMC has not used these strengths for recruiting students, fundraising, and many other critical activities at the College. Until recently, PMC had no marketing materials outlining these historic strengths – now we do! In essence, PMC is building an integrated and sustainable pathway that will target promising college-ready students from mostly Boston-area charter and STEM high schools, prepare those students for successful careers inthe biomedical sciences andhealthcare delivery (which includes healthcare management), and launch those graduates into successful employment opportunities and/or graduate study with Boston health organizations that are partnering with PMC.This model will link promising students with successful careers, thus allowing PMC to “Reach Back, and Push Forward.”

What is especially promising about this initiative is that it leverages the strengths of existing academic programs. The College does not need to build new academic programs in order to succeed. Although PMC will enhance its academic programs over time, often in collaboration with Boston health institution partners, the College can grow and strengthen existing programs that have served our students well.

We have produced a series of alumnae profiles highlighting how PMC has prepared its graduates for successful careers in the biomedical sciences and healthcare delivery and also have created a compelling PowerPoint presentation outlining how PMC prepares students for successful careers in those same areas. PMC has placed numerous video clips about recent graduates and their successful careers on its web site ( We plan to continue to build our profiles to include graduates from all of our majors documenting how our strong liberal arts curriculum helped them develop the key skills (namely communication, critical thinking, collaboration, citizenship, and integrated and applied learning) that led to their successful postgraduate careers.

The combination of Interim President Rosemary Ashby’s return to PMC and the College’s focus on building on historic strengths in preparing students for careers in the Biomedical Sciences and Healthcare Delivery has generated positive momentum that will strengthen our fund raising efforts. Based on the promise of this more focused mission, PMC has raised $570K recently from two sources. This is money that will help benefit the entire community and campus. Keep an eye out for additional information and improvements during this academic year!

Diane Mello-Goldner, Ph.D.
Dean of the College

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