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Arts students of Professor Stephanie Stigliano worked on two special projects – the first, “Monster Drawings,” was created by Stigliano’s Drawing class and the second, “Mexican Day of the Dead Masks,” by her Water color class.

“Monster Drawings”

was inspired by a long tradition of demons, grotesques and monsters in art from many cultures and eras. The students looked at art by amphorae painters from ancient Greece, Hieronymus Bosch, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Leonardo da Vinci, Francisco Goya, Japanese artists of the Edo period, Otto Dix, H.H. Giger and Tim Burton. This project, inspired by Lynda Barry’s “One Hundred Demons,” coincides with Halloween and is now installed at the Ashby Student Center.

So far this semester the students studied shape, line, light and shadow as they drew from observation. This project reinforced those goals as they also drew from imagination. The requirements included three-five monsters, a transition from light to dark, areas of texture and pattern, calligraphic line and interesting shapes.
Drawing Class students: Siyu Chen, Xunxin Queenie Fu, Zihan Esther Huang, Minjun Jang, Yijun Hugh Liu, Patricia Pierre, Louis Lou Savage, Jr.,Troy Stringer, La Ron Ward, Jianan Ken Yu, Gabriela Zapata, Zengkai Klaus Zheng, and Yichun Teemo Zhuang.

“Mexican Day of the Dead Masks”

The Mexican Day of the Dead masks are generally painted with bright, pure hues and defined by a black outline against a white background; this graphic approach is a new color challenge for the Watercolor students. The Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico from October 31stto November 2nd, to coincide with All Souls’ Day. The dead are honored in traditions such as building altars, making treats in the shape of skulls and decorating graves with marigolds. The skull is a symbol of the holiday; people dance and parade wearing skull-shaped masks called calacas.

Watercolor students whose work is on display in the communication building are: Yifan Chen, Hao Guo, Yoo jung Kim, Ruizhe Richard Li, Yanhao Liang, Meng Meghan Luo, Terell Middleton, Alexis Milton, Qarin Porter, Xiangyu Song, Hyo Yang Song, Le Wang, Aja Williams, Jakenda Williams, Yang Yang and Peng Ben Zhang.

Stop by and enjoy.

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