Athletic Training

The primary goal of the athletic training department at Pine Manor College is to provide all student-athletes with quality care through evidence-based practices. All members of the sports medicine staff will work as a cohesive unit in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries/illnesses. Furthermore, the healthcare of every student-athlete will be managed through a goal-oriented approach which will take into consideration their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

While a goal of the sports medicine team is full participation in athletics, the safety of the student-athlete remains the main priority. Medical clearance is determined solely by the athletic trainers and the team physician.

Michelle Goodrich, Pine Manor College's Head Athletic Trainer, is a full-time certified athletic trainer who provides medical services to each of the institution's six intercollegiate sports. To read more about Pine Manor's Head Athletic Trainer, click here.

In addition, a graduate assistant athletic trainer spends 20-25 hours a week assisting the head athletic trainer in the medical treatment and coverage of all sports.All student-athletes have full access to the athletic training staff and facilities before and following all practices and contests. 


To ensure the safety of our student-athletes, all athletes must be medically cleared to participate in athletics at Pine Manor College (PMC). To be cleared the following steps must be completed in full:

1.  All athletes must have a physical exam that is dated within six (6) months of their first scheduled practice. A physical form that is to be filled out by your physician is available below.  

2.   In the state of Massachusetts you must have proof that you have health insurance. If you are enrolling in the school’s insurance you do not need to do anything. If you are waiving the school’s insurance you need to bring your own insurance card as proof.

3. If you are being treated for ADHD with a drug classified as a stimulant, you must provide comprehensive documentation signed by a physician. Please refer to the NCAA ADHD Documentation Guidelines and the NCAA ADHD Reporting Form.


The NCAA is in the process of mandating that all athletes provide documentation of their sickle cell trait status. Sickle cell trait is a genetic disorder that can be diagnosed by a blood test. More information about the condition can be found within the PMC Sickle Cell Fact Sheet and the NCAA Sickle Cell Fact Sheet. You can confirm your status by:


• Contacting the hospital where you were born or your pediatrician to see if they can confirm your status as every infant born in the United States is tested at birth. Documentation must be signed by the physician and brought with you to campus.

• Informing your physician that you need a sickle cell blood test during your physical. If the test is positive, further testing may be required. Documentation must be signed by the physician and brought with you to campus.

• The athletic training staff will assist you in undergoing proper testing once you arrive on campus. While awaiting results you may still participate in athletics; however, you must agree to the following conditions: Sickle Cell Testing Confirmation. Only sign this form prior to arriving on campus if you are under 18 years of age and require a guardian's signature.

  While it is strongly recommended by the NCAA and Pine Manor Athletic Training Services that you confirm your sickle cell status, you can decline to do so by signing the Sickle Cell Testing Declination Form. Only athletes that are under 18 years of age and need a guardian's signature may sign prior to arriving on campus and you must first review the fact sheets listed above. All others must wait until after they attend the informational meeting held on campus.


Pine Manor Athletics requires full medical documentation for the safety of all of our student-athletes. As a result, the following forms are available electronically to assure that all student-athletes can easily obtain medical clearance:

Physical Form

Consent Form

Demographic Information

Concussion History

Medical History New Student-Athletes (ONLY First Year/Transfers)

Medical History Returning Student-Athletes ONLY

6.   Make sure you are ready for double sessions during preseason! click here for tips on preparing yourself for the heat: Heat Illness Prevention.


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