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Good Morning!

We gather today in person and with you all via streaming technology in celebration and to give thanks.

At this time, I invite you to silently gather in your mind and hold in your heart your intentions of gratitude and thanks for our graduates and the overall Pine Manor Community.

And I offer this prayer in solidarity with each of your intentions:

Creator and Sustainer of all that is and that will be,

Bless those who are planning to further their education with advance degrees.  Provide them with the knowledge and the patience necessary to complete such a task.

Bless those going directly into the workforce with a strong sense of purpose to help navigate the unknowns that they will face.

Bless those that will take paths less traveled, may they draw courage and strength from you and be a blessing to others.

Bless these graduates and all graduates as they pursue their dreams. Help them to recognize their gifts and encourage them to use those gifts to positively contribute to their communities.

And no matter the path chosen, I ask that you bless them with humility in the face of opulence and

help them to recognize that true success is steeped in meaningful relationships and communities that embrace social justice, equity, and inclusion.

And Oh, Holy One!

Bless us all- family, friends, staff, faculty, mentors, and all the supporters of each graduates’ village -as we collectively share in the joy of their accomplishments.


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