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Welcome – President O’Reilly

Thank you, Professor Stargard and thank you for all that you do for Pine Manor College!

Thank you, Robert Utzschneider, Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees for all the time, talent, and treasure that you have given so freely to Pine Manor College for so many years.

Thank you, Lisa Rodrigues, Dean of Student Affairs and Dr. Robert Shea, Vice President of Academic Affairs for your leadership in caring for and educating the young people of Pine Manor College.

Thank you, members of the faculty and staff.  You are teachers, coaches, mentors, sustainers, and champions of the young people we serve.  Your commitment and dedication to them know no bounds.  You serve them “one student at a time.”  You “educate with purpose.”  You ensure student success.

Thank you all.

[Chinese Recording provided by Jacquelyn O’Reilly]

我想说跟这些毕业生的母亲,父亲,家庭和支持者, 感谢所有你做,以帮助他们取得成功。您们做得很优秀。您们帮了他们为世界做准备。 谢谢您们。

Wǒ xiǎng shuō gēn zhèxiē bìyè shēng de mǔqīn, fùqīn, jiātíng hé zhīchí zhě, gǎnxiè suǒyǒu nǐ zuò, yǐ bāngzhù tāmen qǔdé chénggōng. Nínmen zuò dé hěn yōuxiù. Nínmen bāngle tāmen wèi shìjiè zuò zhǔnbèi. Xièxiè nínmen.

[Resume President O’Reilly]

A las madres, a los padres, a todas las familias y amigos, gracias por estos maravillosos graduados. Ellos son brilliantes. Ellos son Valientes.  Ellos son el futuro.

Has hecho algo grandioso al apo-yarlos.  Una vez mas, gracias.  Muchas gracias.

Aux meres, aux peres, a toutes les familles et amis, merci pour ces merveilleux diplomés.  Ils sont géniaux.  Ils sont courageux.  Ils sont le future.  Vous avez fait une grande chose en les soutenant.  Encore, merci.  Merci beacoup.

To the mothers, the fathers, the families and friends, thank you for these wonderful graduates.  They are brilliant.  They are brave.  They are the future.  You have done a great thing in supporting them.  Once again, thank you.  Thank you very much.

Graduates, as you know so well, whenever we gather like this, we say welcome to all in the words in which they feel welcome.  So, I say:

  • Welcome
  • Hwan Ying
  • Akeyi
  • Bem Vinda
  • Ahlaan Bika
  • Bienvenido
  • Kumbayah
  • Nameste
  • Yo Co So
  • Shalom
  • Bienvenue
  • And as we say in Boston, “How are ya!”

Wow! It is so great to see you, to be with you!  You are indeed brilliant, beautiful, and brave!  And as of today, you are also recognized as well-educated.  Congratulations.

It took a lot for you to get here, but you did get here.  It was not an easy journey, but you made it.  This past year was an especially daunting time.  The world suffered greatly and you witnessed great death and destruction due to disease, racism, ignorance, and hate.  I am sorry for what you have witnessed and I am sorry for your losses.  Let us take a moment to pause in memory of all those whom we have lost.  Thank you.

As the troubles of the past year will not go away quickly, do not give up hope.  Instead look to the examples of those who have gone before us and draw on their strength, conviction, and success.  Harriett Tubman is one such person whom I often think of when things get especially tough.  Tubman was born into slavery, escaped, and subsequently made some thirteen missions back into enslaved territories, risking life, limb and freedom, to rescue an estimated seventy other enslaved people.  Tubman was told that one small person could not do such a thing, but Tubman did.  Asked how this incredible feat was accomplished, Tubman said, “Every great dream begins with a dreamer.  Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

While much has been and will continue to be thrown in your path, we know that you have within you the ability to change the world.  You were admitted to Pine Manor College because you are of strong and good character, because you persist, and because you are dreamers who can envision a future for yourselves.

Today, we honor you.  You have proven you are college-capable, and then some.  You are prepared to take meaningful steps in your lives: engaging in new jobs and careers, continuing to learn, and positively contributing to your communities.  You are Pine Manor College graduates.  Congratulations!

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