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Convocation 2013

Convocation 2013

On Tuesday, August 27 2013, the Pine Manor College community came together to celebrate the beginning of the 2013-14 academic year.

Professor William Stargard, College Marshal, led the speakers and faculty to the Founders room and opened the ceremony.

President Joseph Lee, Ph.D., on behalf of the Faculty, Staff and Board of Trustees, welcomed new and returning students to Pine Manor’s 103rd year. The President told the new students that he was honored that they had chosen Pine Manor. Dr. Lee recognized the international students from fourteen countries and the various challenges they were facing – undertaking their studies in a second language while being far away from family and friends. Dr. Lee emphasized that their unique set of talents and perspectives would enhance our community,”We are a richer institution thanks to you.” he said. The President then reassured all students that they would find Pine Manor College to be a supportive and welcoming community, eager to see every student succeed. Dr. Lee spoke about the dedicated and devoted Pine Manor faculty, known for their quality of teaching and mentoring as well as the relationships and bonds they develop with students. He encouraged the students to get to know their professors and take advantage of the opportunities to learn from their wisdom.

In conclusion, Dr. Lee told the students that Pine Manor is a place to explore life and discover new things. Pine Manor is also a place to learn to think critically and challenge one’s self, a place to learn to listen to others and a place where one can learn to speak confidently. He encouraged the students to have fun with new friends: “We want you to have four of the most wonderful years of your life”, “You are part of a community full of amazing people doing amazing things and I encourage you to take advantage of each and every moment you are here.”

The ceremony presented three speakers – Dora Kaluma (’11), member of the Board of Trustees; Prof. Carole Rabe, Assistant Professor of Visual Arts and Director of the Hess Gallery; and Lisa Rodrigues (’06), Director of Residence Life and Community Engagement. Each spoke to the power and inspiration of a Pine Manor College education and our community.

Kaluma gave an inspirational speech describing how Pine Manor’s education empowers each student to become a leader in their community. She concluded her speech by reading the poem: “The Paradoxical Commandments” by Dr. Kent M. Keith – you may read the poem at:

Professor Rabe breezed through what she described as a common list of “boring” advice, only to concentrate on one key message – how to be creative. Her advice – “Take a Hike”. She described how creativity across disciplines and throughout history is informed and inspired by observing nature, by being open, and attentive. She encouraged us all to take a break from our electronic devices and literally, take a hike.
  Rodrigues introduced a PMC tradition of giving a small gift to the entering class – this year’s gift was a wrist-band that reads: “Education=Empowerment”. She encouraged all students to act on these words and take advantage of all that Pine Manor has to offer.

Lastly the Dean of the College, William Vogele, concluded the ceremony echoing the themes and good advice by all speakers and wishing everyone a successful academic year.

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