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Convocation 2015

Convocation 2015

On Thursday, September 3rd 2015, the Pine Manor College community came together in Ellsworth Theatre to welcome students back, share words of wisdom, and celebrate the beginning of the academic year.

Professor of Art History and Assistant Dean of Faculty Development and Teaching Excellence, William Stargard, Ph.D., who also serves as the College Marshal, led in the speakers and faculty and opened the ceremony.

Interim President Rosemary Ashby, Ph.D., welcomed the new and returning students to Pine Manor’s 105th year and advised them that just by “showing up” they were already on the road to success.

The audience heard from three speakers who were introduced by Diane Mello-Goldner, Dean of the College: Samantha Metayer ’10, Northeast Region Project Manager for Centene Corporation; Professor Michele Ramirez, Professor of Psychology and Assistant Dean for Foundational Learning; and Lisa Rodrigues ‘06, Associate Dean of Student Life and Community Engagement. Each provided inspirational words of wisdom and advice to all the students in the audience.

Samantha Metayer ’10 has become a highly regarded Healthcare and Public Health Professional who has demonstrated an understanding of complex health policy issues. She currently works for Centene Corporation, a leading multi-line Fortune 400 healthcare enterprise. Samantha talked about the concept of resiliency and how “bouncing back” makes you who you are and makes you stronger.

Professor Ramirez gave the audience of students some practical advice. She talked about four qualities that would help them get the most out of their Pine Manor experience:

  • Curiosity – being curious about yourself, others, and the world around you.
  • Courage – you need to step out of your familiar world and take risks.
  • Community – you want to build a strong community wherever you are and to do that you need to get to know the people in your community.
  • Commitment – you need to commit to your goals: your personal, academic and career goals.

The final speaker was Lisa Rodrigues ’06, who expressed how proud she is to be a PMC alumna. Lisa also reinforced the ideas of community, communication, and respect that are important for all of our students. Lisa also made sure all students knew that everyone in the room was there to support them and to help each student become an active and engaged member of the PMC community. Lisa then selected five raffle winners who won gift cards and PMC flashdrives.

Professor Stargard concluded the ceremony and invited the audience to gather in the theatre lobby for refreshments and conversation.

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