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Convocation 2019

Convocation 2019

William Stargard, Ph.D., College Marshal

Professor Stargard led the faculty to their seats as College Marshall, welcoming us all and beginning the convocation ceremony.

Our Mission: 
The mission of Pine Manor College is to make certain that all graduates are prepared to take meaningful steps in their lives: engaging in new jobs and careers, continuing to learn, and positively contributing to their communities. Students, including those who are the first in their families to attend college, who are looking for a purposeful education in a personalized and inclusive learning community will find a home at Pine Manor College.

Diane Mello-Goldner, Ph.D., Dean of the College

Dean Mello-Goldner welcomed the new and returning students as well as faculty and staff. She explained that Convocation is a tradition that celebrates the beginning of the new academic year, and a time when we gather as an academic and social community to be excited about the upcoming year. Dean Mello-Goldner also reminded students that everyone in the theatre is committed to their success throughout the year. 

Thomas M. O’Reilly, M.B.A., President

President O’Reilly welcomed all in the auditorium by sharing a welcome greeting in all of the languages spoken by PMC students! He went on to talk about the mission of the College and how helping students succeed and graduate is our top priority.  He also thanked the faculty and staff for all that they do to help make that happen.

Alumna Greeting:
Maria Inés Folta ’15, 

Web Developer @ General Assembly 

Along with congratulating the entering class and wishing them luck, Maria shared a powerful story about her journey as an undocumented citizen and her family’s struggle with deportation after her first year at PMC. Maria showed incredible strength, resilience, and bravery, finding her way back into the country – when she did return, she said, “Pine Manor was the only place that offered me a place to call home.” She closed her speech by letting our new students know, “Please it’s ok if things don’t turn out how you expect them to. Everything is an opportunity to grow.”

Upperclass Student Speakers: 

Atazhanna Furtado-Triplett ‘19

Atazhanna began her final semester at PMC welcoming students beginning their first semesters. She welcomed them to campus as well as shared why she thinks PMC stands out from other colleges. Caring professors, students willing to lend a helping hand, the doors PMC will open for its students, and the incredible memories that will be made while they’re here. Atazhanna’s motto boils down to: “All you’ve got to do is ask. For anything. Seriously, we got you.”

2018 Ruth Allinger Gibson Teaching Award Speaker:
Rebecca Mitchell, Ed.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics

Professor Rebecca Mitchell was selected by students last spring for the Ruth Allinger Gibson Teaching Award, which includes becoming a speaker at the following Convocation. She delivered a thrilling speech including audio and visual elements, framed around the concept of “barn raising”.
In Amish communities, “barn raising” is a community wide event, Everyone shows up to assist someone in building their barn, followed by a meal of celebration. An entire barn can be built in one day, as opposed to the months or years it would take one person to build a barn completely on their own. Professor Mitchell thinks PMC is a lot like barn raising. Everyone lends a hand, better serving each individual, as well as improving the community as a whole. She then talked about how struggle leads to greatness, and that “try, try, try again” really does mean the world. Sometimes, you’ll have to fail 1,000 times before you get it right. She closed with “I won’t say that I hope you succeed this year, though I hope you do. I’m going to say that I hope you let yourself try, and fail, and learn; because that is the path to success.

Students were given a mini notebook with the phrase “Be Brave. Be Kind. Take Risks.” and an eraser that said “Mindset Matters!” to inspire everyone throughout the year.

Reading of the Alma Mater 

and presentation of Class of 2023 Banner: 

Staci Weber, Ph.D., Dean of Student Affairs

Dean Staci Weber led the crowd in the alma mater

To THEE, ALMA MATER, bring we now our homage.
Joyously we, thy daughters, sing thy praise.
Dear Alma Mater, draw thy children to thee,
Graciously teach and lead us in thy ways.
Strengthen our faith and stir our hearts with kindness.
Give us clear vision to honor truth always.
Guide our endeavors to be worthy of thee.
May thy renown grow greater day by day.
May loyal hearts ever sing thy praise.

She closed with presenting the class of 2023 with a PMC Banner they all signed to signify the start of their journey here.

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