Courses without Disciplinary Designations

EXL 105 
Experiential Learning Seminar (2 credits)

IR 399
Independent Research (2 credits)
Each student works with one faculty member and carries out a research project under faculty supervision, or works with faculty collaborating on research. Time commitment: 5–10 hours per week. May be repeated once for credit. Offered as needed. Prerequisite: Set by individual disciplines.

SA 200
Sophomore Advisory (1 credit)

The Sophomore Advisory course is designed to help students connect their learning inside and outside the classroom and to assess their own skills, values, and areas of knowledge in a format that will be directly applicable to the satisfaction of the Portfolio Graduation Requirement.  Students will have the opportunity to reflect upon all the College Competencies necessary to satisfy their Portfolio Requirement.  Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.

TA 390
Teaching Assistant (TA) (2 credits)
After successful completion of a course, students have the opportunity to return as a TA for the course. The student attends the classes, for which she is the TA, and assists the faculty in preparing the course, designing exams and assignments, assists in grading material, and may lead class lectures and/or class discussions. Time commitment of 5 to 10 hours per week. Ordinarily, there is a limit of one Teaching Assistant per course; minimum course enrollment of ten. May be repeated once for credit. Students will receive CR/NC. Fall and Spring. Prerequisite: Ordinarily, a Teaching Assistant should be a junior or senior with a major in the field. A Teaching Assistant must have a GPA of 3.0 or better in the discipline. Ordinarily, a Teaching Assistant should have completed the course with a grade of “B” or better. Successful completion of the course for which the student will serve as TA. Guidelines set by individual disciplines.