Early Childhood: Education, Health & Leadership Program Requirements

Requirements for Early Childhood Major

  • ED 102 Foundations of Education
  • ECE 121 The Human Foundation: The Cognitive, Physical and Social Emotional Development of Children.
  • ECE 214 Curriculum, Environments and Program Planning for Infants and Toddlers
  • ECE/ED 215 Curriculum Methods, Management, and Program Planning for Early Childhood (placement required)
  • ECE/ED 395 Practicum in Child Care/Early Education and Care Student Teaching
  • ED 212 Picture Books: Literature for Young Children
  • ECE 309 Health, Nutrition and the Safety of Young Children
  • ED 205 Teaching and Assessment of Language Acquisition, Reading and Language Arts (placement required)
  • ED 224 Teaching of Math and Science (placement required)
  • ED 333 Special Education, Assessment and the Inclusionary Classroom
  • ECE 311 Parent, Child, Teacher, Health and Community (capstone)
  • ECE/ED 495/496 Senior Internship and Seminar

Possible Electives
ECE/ED 228 Recreation, Coaching, and After School Programs for Children
ECE /ED 250 Policy and Program Issues in Child Care
ED 117 The Teacher as Portrayed in Film and Literature
ED 206 Exploring Technology in the Classroom
ED/MU 210 Music and Movement for Children
ED 227 Introduction to English Language Learners
ED 242 Multicultural Education
ECE/ED 250 Policy and Program Issues in Child Care
ED/VA 281 Art Education: Materials and Processes
ED/CO 285 Children in the Media
ED327 Curriculum Design: The Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks
ED 350 Child Care Administration
ED 355 Diagnostic and Remedial Reading
ED 419 Sheltered English Immersion