Student Testimonials

Monica, China

“PMC has a very good environment. It is a warm family. I have made great friends here with the teachers and classmates. The teacher’s lectures are wonderful and interesting. They’ve very patient and responsible. The course setting is very reasonable. They’re very concerned about the students who live in the dormitory. Every weekend there are a lot of activities, which makes us understand the American’s culture. Through more than three years of study at PMC, my English has improved significantly. When I first came to PMC, I could hardly understand English. Now I can speak freely in English. Thank you for your dedication and help. I always have a good time here.”

Michael, Chile

“I had a great experience, and enjoyed my time here. The teachers are excellent, and so nice! They helped me to improve my English a lot! I really like the atmosphere here.”

Panida Amanan, Thailand

I am from Bangkok, Thailand. I like studying at ELI everyday. Teachers here are great.  I have improved my English skills,and have met new people from so many different countries here. The  ELI teachers and staff always give me such good instruction, and help me so much. I am very happy that I came to this school. It is just what I wanted and needed to learn more English, and help me to reach my future work and personal goals.

Benedetta, Italy (attended ELI 2 times)

Now I'm a medical student, in September I'm going to start my last year, and then I'd like to get a residency in cardiac surgery.
About my experience at Eli: Eli was like my second family, it was a place where I grow up, where I met amazing people, where I understood that even if we are born thousand miles away, in different countries, we all are the same , we all have the same feelings. In a sentence ELi was my teenage dream that became reality, a lovely place in an amazing city, surrounding by wonderful people.

Ora sono una studentessa in medicina, a settembre inizierò l'ultimo anno e poi vorrei specializzarmi in cardiochirurgia. Per quanto concerne la mia esperienza all'Eli: l'Eli e' stata per me una seconda famiglia, un luogo dove sono cresciuta, dove ho capito che anche se siamo nati a chilometri di distanza, in paesi diversi, siamo tutti uguali, tutti abbiamo gli stessi sentimenti. In una unica frase l'Eli e' stato il mio sogno adolescenziale che si è avverato, un posto adorabile in una città fantastica, circondata da persone meravigliose.

Emine, Turkey

ELI, is one of the best experiences i have ever had. I was so lucky to study in ELI. i met with great teachers and friends all around the world. ELI, is not only language school, but also kind of your family that becomes part of your life. i never felt like stranger in ELI. Thats why i loved ELI so much.

Hayatimdaki en iyi deneyimlerden biri ELI di. ELI da ogrenim gormekte cok sansliydim. cok iyi ogretmenlerle ve arkadaslarla tanistim dunyanin her yerinden. ELI sadece dil okulu degil, ayni zamanda zamanla hayatinin bir parcasi haline gelen ailen. hic bir zaman ELI da kendimi yabanci hissetmedim. bu yuzden ELI i cok sevdim.

Niccolò, Italy

This experience at ELI was the "start up" about something bigger. I discovered the pleasure to meet people from different countries, different religions and cultures. Teachers at ELI are always available to help you and with their suggestions I improved. Most important I'm continuing to improve my English. I'm studying Law at University. English, especially for trade and business, is basic. I can't forget the activities organized (trips, parties). I will never forget it, the beginning of new way to see the world with some special people!

Questa esperienza all'ELI è stata il preludio per qualcosa di più grande: ho scoperto il piacere di incontrare persone da diversi paesi, di diverse religioni e culture; i docenti sono sempre disponibili e cortesi nell'aiutarti, con i loro suggerimenti, posso dire di aver migliorato e, cosa ancora più importante, sto continuando a migliorare il mio inglese. All'università, in Italia ( presso Padova) sto studiando Giurisprudenza e l'inglese, per il commercio e gli affari è fondamentale!
Come posso dimenticare le attività organizzate da questa struttura come le feste e le gite?
Non dimenticherò mai quanto vissuto all'ELI, l'inizio di un nuovo modo di vedere il mondo, grazie anche a delle persone speciali! Un saluto a Dan, Cindy e a tutto gli altri!

Anilson, Cape Verde

ELI was my home away from home! I cannot find other words to describe ELI. As my second family, ELI helped me improve my English to a level that I never thought I would be able to reach. The staff members will be your family because they lend a hand to your success in learning English; they are prompt to help, to support and to care about you. All of them would like to have a warm chat with you, which is a good way to improve your English as well. Now, I am in a university and I thank ELI for have helped me improve my English that has shown more than useful right now in my college education.

ELI foi a minha casa longe de casa! Eu não consigo encontrar outras palavras para descrever ELI. Como a minha segunda família, ELI ajudou-me a melhorar o meu Inglês a um nível que eu nunca pensei que seria capaz de alcançar. Os funcionários serão a sua família, porque eles farão de tudo para o seu sucesso na aprendizagem de Inglês; Eles estão prontamente a ajudar, apoiar e cuidar de você. Todos eles gostariam de ter um bate-papo caloroso com você, o que é também uma boa maneira de melhorar o seu Inglês. Agora, eu estou em uma universidade e agradeço ELI por me ter ajudado a melhorar o meu Inglês que se tem mostrado mais do que útil agora na minha educação universitária.

Ariana, Peru

My experience in Boston was incredible. First of all, I met a lot of people who were honest, had different customs to mine and good friends, that’s why I respect them so much and they have taught me many things. Second, I have awesome teachers in ELI. They gave me the best skills to improve my English and I think that they homework they assigned us was essential and important to develop new abilities of the language. Also, the topics we did were interesting.
I loved living in dorms, and to have roommates from different nationalities. I shared unforgettable moments with each one of them. I would love to go back another season of winter to Boston, specifically to PMC because going there will bring me back all the great memories I have until now lived in the United States. Thanks to everyone for making this trip the best one. I cannot finish without saying thanks to Dan who is a very intelligent person and he guided us always. Thank you for being with us.

Mi experiencia en Boston fue increíble. La primera es que conocí a mucha gente educada, honesta, que tenían diferentes costumbres a las mías y por eso valoro tanto lo que me han enseñado de cada uno. También, los profesores de ELI me han dado buenas técnicas para mejorar mi inglés y me pareció un programa completo porque las tareas que dejaban eran esenciales e importantes para desarrollar las habilidades en el idioma y los temas realizados en clase eran interesantes.
Boston como ciudad es muy linda, tuve la oportunidad además de ir a otros estados y la pase muy bien conociendo más la cultura americana.
Me encanto vivir en dorms, tener roomates de diferentes nacionalidades y compartir momentos inolvidables con cada una de ellas. Me encantaría poder regresar otra temporada de invierno a Boston, específicamente a PMC porque me va a traer los mejores recuerdos que hasta ahora he vivido en Estados Unidos. Muchas gracias a todos por hacer que mi viaje sea mejor.
No puedo dejar de agradecer a Dan que es una persona muy inteligente

Paula, Chile

The possibility of living in a country where the language is different and you need to try to communicate is a great incentive to improve. My experience at ELI was three months, short for some people, but it really improved my grammar. Living in ELI gave me the experience to meet people from different countries and now I maintain a friendly relationship with several of them, thinking we can visit each other soon in our countries. Thanks, ELI!!!

La posibilidad de vivir en un país donde el idioma es diferente y necesitas tratar de comunicarte es un gran incentivo a mejorar. Mi experiencia en ELI fue de tres meses, algo breve para algunas personas, pero me ayudó bastante en mi gramática. Vivir en ELI, me entregó la experiencia de conocer personas de varios países y que hoy mantengo una relación de amistad con varios de ellos, pensando que podemos visitarnos pronto en nuestros países.
A lot regards for all people!!

Covadonga – Spain

I entered the ELI mainly to learn English, but it turned out to be a better experience than just summer classes. I can say that it was one of the best and most important experiences in my life. Aside from improving my English, I met great people that are still my friends nowadays, five years later. The professors helped me, not only to learn English, but also to prepare the TOEFL test. And even though I took the test years after, I got a very high score. Due to all this things, I highly recommend other students to join the ELI program -you will not regret it!

Entré en el ELI de Pine Manor con la idea principal de aprender inglés, pero resultó ser una experiencia mucho más enriquecedora que solamente clases de verano. Además de mejorar mi inglés, conocí a personas maravillosa que ahora siguen siendo mi amigos, cinco años más tarde. Los profesores me ayudaron, no sólo a aprender inglés, sino también a preparar el examen TOEFL. Y aunque he hecho el examen años después, he obtenido muy buena nota. Por todo esto, recomiendo mucho a otros estudiantes que participen de los cursos del ELI, ¡no os arrepentiréis!

Jaime, Spain

Thanks to ELI, I became more mature. I learned to live with people from many countries, with different thoughts and ways of doing things. I realized that ELI is a community where you learn from others and others learn from you. The staff is willing to help you whenever you need it and worried on you, especially the director, Dan, a great person and a great professional. When I think in ELI I have only good memories, I will never forget this place. It is part of me.

Gracias a ELI me hice más maduro. Aprendí a vivir con gente de otras culturas, con diferentes pensamientos y con otras maneras de hacer las cosas. Me di cuenta de que ELI es una comunidad donde tu aprendes de los demás y los demas aprenden de ti . El staff siempre está dispuesto a ayudarte , especialmente el director Dan, una magnífica persona y un gran profesional . Cuando pienso en Eli solo me vienen buenos recuerdos a la cabeza , nunca olvidaré este sitio porque ya forma parte de mi.

Sayaka, Japan

While I was staying at ELI, I could spend really enjoyable time. Of course I had painful moments such as I couldn't come to an understanding, for I didn't have English skill very much. But those are also important memories because if I hadn't gone to Boston, I couldn't have had those experiences. I met lots of friends who are from around the world and teachers supported me a lot. I felt everything was really special for me. I'm so happy that I could make a lot of memories which I will never forget. I was really happy during one year.

ELIにいた間、私は本当に楽しい時間を過ごしました。もちろん初めは英語を話すことができなかったので、理解できなくて辛いこともたくさんありました。ですがそれも私にとってとても大切な思い出です。何故なら、もしボストンに行っていなかったらそのような事も経験できなかったからです。 世界各国の友達に出会い、先生に出会い…皆にたくさん助けられました。 私にとってボストンでの全てが本当に特別でした。その為、何か一つには絞れません。一生忘れられない思い出をボストンで作れて本当に幸せです。 この1年間は唯々幸せを感じていました。」

Wael, Saudi Arabia

Looking back to my experience at Pine Manor College ELI, I am so glad that I did my pre-MBA studies there. Every stage had prepared me somehow to deal with these days. Studying at Pine Manor College ELI was one of the most beneficial experiences I have ever had in my life. Combining both amazing teachers and staff with a challenging personalized learning experience, Pine Manor ELI did not only improve my academic skills, but also helped me significantly to get accepted at a #1 graduate school, Babson College, in my major. I am so grateful to everyone at Pine Manor and glad I studied there.

Zaure, Kazakhstan

Knowledge of the English language is the key that open doors to the globalizing business world.
A couple of years ago, I seized the opportunity to invest my time and money in a life-changing experience, such as studying in the US. Pine Manor College has built fantastic facilities for their students, including a plenty of learning zones, lecture theatres equipped with all the latest technologies.  ELI is a truly international college, opening up further opportunities for their students and adding to the diversity and vibrancy of their campus.
All of this is happening just a short walk away from the heart of cosmopolitan Boston. It all goes to explain why the ELI has a growing reputation, both nationally and internationally, as an institution of quality and distinctiveness.
I made new friends and learned a lot about new cultures, but it was also a great value added to my academic profile. Frankly speaking, the ELI has significantly contributed to my future educational objectives and career goals.

Приехав в Бостон, передо мной предстал удивительный мир американской культуры и образования. Изучение английского языка по интенсивной программе Pine Manor College - это фантастический способ улучшения карьерного потенциала. Знание английского языка является ключом, открывающим двери в мир бизнеса.
ELI является поистине новой возможностью для своих студентов открыть для себя разнообразие и яркость кампуса. И все это происходило всего в нескольких минутах от центра Бостона. Время, которое я провела в Бостоне, было сказочным, и я хотела бы поблагодарить мою семью за то, что у меня был этот шанс. За это время я не только нашла новых друзей и узнала много нового о новой культуре, но это имело огромное значение для моего саморазвития. Честно говоря, оглядываясь назад, я никогда бы не упустила возможность поехать в США снова.
Я очень надеюсь, что мой личный опыт поможет студентам составить свое мнение об изучении языка в Pine Manor College и предоставит ценную информацию о жизни в США, уровне образования, проживания и т.д.
Если у вас еще остались сомнения, ехать ли изучать английский язык в ELI, вы всегда можете связаться со мной

San JuanMariana San Juan, Argentina

I love Pine Manor College English Language Institute. I feel like it is my home and family. I studied in the program for over a year and went to the College to receive a degree in Psychology. I was here for over five years. I learned so much. The teachers are knowledgeable and committed to helping the students. The staff is warm, caring, and supportive! I am now teaching English in companies and schools in Argentina. It was the best experience of my life. I recommend that everyone come study here!

San JuanLoic Della Faille, Belgium

Pine Manor College English Language Institute is located on a beautiful campus close to the center of Boston with excellent facilities - tennis courts, athletic field for soccer (football), gymnasium, fitness center.  I was here during the summer, and it was great to live on this campus with all the facilties and services you need, participate in sports, and also be able to enjoy all the sites in the interesting and nearby downtown of Boston when I wanted to. The teachers made the classes lively, engaging, interesting, and challenging. I was able to improve my English considerably.  There were students from all over the world, so I met and made many new friends from many different countries.  I had a great time here, and I recommend that others come here.  It is a wonderful experience!

Ernesto Camacho, BoliviaErnesto Camacho, Bolivia

My experience studying at the English Language Institute at Pine Manor College was incredible because of the fabulous professors and the international students who come from different parts of the world like Europe and Asia. The best was the different activities that PMC offers for their students like concerts, mountain trips, and tours of Boston. The beauty of the campus is unparalleled with the infrastructure of the buildings in the middle of the natural landscapes. I enjoyed being on campus and participating in activities with students from the United States and other international students. Really, I thank PMC for giving me the opportunity to meet new students and make new friends, too!

LopesFernando Lopes, Brazil

I have had a fantastic experience here. When I came here I could not speak much English, but now with the help of the great teachers and staff, I can speak. I have learned a lot. I have enjoyed it here so much. I have met so many people from around the world. I would recommend this program to other students. The campus is nice and it is so close to Boston. Boston is a great city as well.

NevesHernani Neves, Cape Verde

I like Pine Manor College so much. The campus is beautiful, Boston is a great city, and everyone here is so friendly. I have improved my English a lot. I am so happy that I have met so many students from all over the world. I will commend this school to all of my family and friends.

MunizagaAylin Munizaga, Chile

I am having a great experience here.  I am happy and like everything. The campus is beautiful.  I especially like the teachers.  They are so patient, they help me, and I am learning a lot.  I want to be a dentist, so learning English will help my studies at the university.  I have met students from all over the world here. Now, I have good friends from many countries.  I really enjoyed the tour of Boston that was given to the students when I first arrived.  That helped me to learn about the city, so now I can enjoy all the cultural sites in Boston which is a wonderful city to be studying in.

MunizagaDada, Ye, China

I am so glad that I attended the English Language Institute. I enjoyed and benefited from the educational and cultural program. It  gave me the knowledge and confidence that I needed to succeed in studying in the US and adjust to living here. The program helped me to improve my English, so I was ready for the high school program that I was going to attend in the US.  I also learned a lot about the US culture which prepared me to live with my American host family. The teachers and staff gave me a lot of encouragement and support to make this big transition.  Thank you ELI!

AcevedoMonica Acevedo, Colombia

I am so glad that I transferred to this school from the other school that I was studying at. I have learned so much more English here. The teachers are very dedicated and the classes are of high quality. I have improved my English so much. The staff is always kind, warm, and friendly. They always take time to answer your questions and help you with what you need. I am going to tell everyone about this program when I return to Colombia.

Cecilio BarrantesCecilio Barrantes, Costa Rica

I had a wonderful experience at PMC! My English has improved a lot as a result. I have got a great score in the TOEFL test. The teachers are incredible and very helpful! I met amazing people from all over the world. The campus is beautiful and there are a lot of activities to do! And the city of Boston is such an interesting city with so much history.

IsaLorraine Isa, Dominican Republic

The experience here was invaluable and unforgettable. I had a wonderful time here. The English classes and teachers were great. I took psychology classes at the College since that is also what I am studying in the Dominican Republic. The professors were excellent and took time to help the students. I learned a lot from the classes. The campus here is beautiful, the staff are warm and friendly, Boston is a great city, and I loved meeting students from the US and all over the world. I highly recommend that students come here to study.

IsaAndres Zuniga, Ecuador

When I came to the English Language Institute I was not able to speak any English at all.  Because of the great   high quality classes, and support of the teachers and staff, I can now speak English - people tell me very well.  I stayed in the program for over a year.  During this time, the teachers and staff helped me so much to overcome any difficulties I had.  I will never forget how caring, dedicated, and interested they were in making sure that I progressed.  Also, I made many close friends from around the world.  This is a special school and atmosphere.  It feels like a family and home here. I am so pleased and fortunate that I chose to come to this school. It helped me to improve the quality of my life and reach my academic and professional dreams.

levyMatthieu Levy, France

I studied in the University Preparation Program at ELI because I wanted to study music at a university in Boston. This program helped me to achieve the English level and TOEFL score I needed to enter the University. The ELI staff helped me to research what universities would be best for me to study at. They also helped me apply to the universities. This was a great help for me to start to reach my educational and professional goals.Pine Manor College English Language Institute really impresses me. This is my 2nd time that I am taking a class at ELI, and I love it. I've never thought I could learn English and have so much fun going to class at the same time. I felt so sad when my first 8 weeks were over that I had to extent my time at school. Now that I'm back, I see again how great it is to go to school every morning, learn English much better with teachers who are very competent and also make class a fun time and a place to be. It is a great life experience to get to know so many people from all over the world. The time at Pine Manor College English Language Institute you'll never forget. You'll get so much out of the class and might make friendships you'll have forever!

Joy Laura, Germany

Pine Manor College English Language Institute really impresses me. This is my second time that I am taking a class at ELI, and I love it.  I've never thought I could learn English and have so much fun going to class at the same time.

I felt so sad when my first 8 weeks were over, I extended my time at school. Now that I'm back, I see again how great it is to go to school every morning, learn English much better with teachers who are very competent and also make class a fun time and a place to be. It is a great life experience to get to know so many people from all over the world.

The time at Pine Manor College English Language Institute you'll never forget.  You'll get so much out of the class and might make friendships you'll have forever!

ArmocidaBenedetta Armocida, Italy

I had such an incredible experience here that I came in the summer of 2007 and returned again in 2008. I love it here! I have learned so much and made such great friends. All the teachers and staff are s warm, friendly, and supportive that I feel like this is my home. I am entering medical school in Italy, but I am sure I will be back again soon!!

TercatinRosella Tercatin, Italy

This has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I love the College, the campus, Boston, the teachers, the classes, the staff, the students - everything has been so great! It has been so wonderful to meet students from all over the world. I am studying law in Italy. The high TOEFL score that I received after taking the TOEFL course here will help my career. I will always value my experience here. I will tell everyone about what a great program and experience this is.

DiarraReyane Diarra, Ivory Coast

I am planning to attend Pine Manor College to study Business Administration after I complete ELI. The teachers and staff are helping me to reach my goal. They have all been so nice and helpful. It is so different here from where I live in the Ivory Coast in Africa, it is so interesting to meet people from so many different countries.

AbeMiyuki Abe, Japan

I have enjoyed studying and learning English here! The TOEFL class helped me to get the TOEFL score I needed to the enter the University. I loved Pine Manor College ELI so much that I returned two summers after I studied here to volunteer as a mentor to students and assist in the program. The campus is safe and beautiful, close to Boston, and all the people are so nice and friendly that I feel comfortable and at home here.

TazhibayevaZaure Tazhibayeva, Kazakhstan

I am having a wonderful experience here. I am improving my English, meeting people from all over the world, and enjoying the sites of Boston. The teachers are excellent and helpful! We have a lot of homework, but this helps us to learn more and more quickly.

SalinasAna Lizeth Salinas, Mexico

The classes and teachers are excellent; I like them. I have learned so much here. The teachers and staff always help the students when they need it. This has been a very good experience for me. I like the campus and Boston, too!

Jansen and De VriesJochem Jansen and Rutger De Vries, The Netherlands

In our course, 'Business in a Changing World', the professor makes the classes very interesting with lively and interactive discussions. We have learned a lot about how businesses need to organize and structure to stay competitive in today's global economy. We are really enjoying the class, and we especially like that we can meet and talk with students from the United States which helps us to improve our English!

Julia Cohen Giudice, PeruJulia Cohen Giudice, Peru

I am enjoying my experience at the English Language Institute at Pine Manor College. The teachers and classes are excellent. I am learning a lot and improving my English so much. Also, I like art very much. Pine Manor has a very nice art gallery, so I have been able to see very interesting are exhibits, go to receptions with the artists, and learn more about sculpture and painting. I like being here, and I am very happy that I chose to come to this school.

Julia Cohen Giudice, Peru

Paulina Rasiak, Poland

ELI has a lot of advantages. The program helped me speak English more fluently because I spoke a lot in classes. Teachers are nice and friendly, so you don’t have to be stressed during classes. I really liked that I met a lot of interesting students from around the world and learned about so many different countries. It has been a very helpful and great experience for me.

Elena Kladova, Russia

I want to thank ELI for the opportunity to learn English in such a friendly atmosphere, in such a beautiful city.  I would strongly recommend this college for those who are going to study English at a high level.  After even several weeks, you will feel that English is not your second language, but that it is your own language.  I want to thank all my teachers for all the support I got there.”

Amro Al Yazidi and Khalid Al Yami, Saudi ArabiaAmro Al Yazidi and Khalid Al Yami, Saudi Arabia

Everything here is very nice.  We are very happy here.  We like that we have everything we need on campus - dormitory, classes, dining room, computers, library, shuttle bus, exercise center.  The classes are excellent.  The teachers are great. They listen to us and help us improve our English.   We are learning a lot quickly.  The staff has been very kind and helpful.  They have shown and explained everything to us.  They are always willing to help us when we need it.  When we first started, there was a party for the new students to meet all of the other students. This made us feel comfortable.  We have met students from all over the world.  We like the city of Boston very much.  It is a nice city to study in.  We are glad that we came to this school to study English.

DialloMouhamed Abdoulaye Diallo, Senegal

The TOEFL preparation course and the teachers are great! I plan to attend a university in the USA, so I need a high level TOEFL score and this program is helping me to reach my goals and dream!

JeonSeung Do Jeon, South Korea

I want to be a TV reporter in Seoul. Speaking English will help me with this position. When I came to ELI, I could not speak English, but now I can speak and understand so much more. The teachers and classes have been great! I have learned so much. This has been such a wonderful experience for me that I am so sad to leave. I have met and made so many friends here and learned so much about other cultures that I did not know before.

MorantAndrea Morant, Spain

I studied at Pine Manor College English Language Institute during the Academic Year between September – June. It was a fantastic experience for me. I improved my English, but I also participated in special classes that the College offered for ELI and Pine Manor College students. I was in an Inclusive Leadership course where we did many group activities. This gave me a chance to practice English and become friends with many students from the US.

Sarah Anderson, Sweden

I am really enjoying the classes at the English Language Institute. I am learning and improving my English so much. For example, in conversation class we have lively debates about so many interesting topics. Students are from all over the world, so we hear all different perspectives while we practice English. I am so glad that I chose to study here. It is a beautiful campus, the teachers are supportive, the classes are excellent, and it is close to Boston. I recommend that other students come here also.

DoRomain Do, Switzerland

I had a great experience here! The teachers were dedicated, the classes high quality, the campus is very nice, Boston is an interesting city, and, of course, I enjoyed meeting students from all over the world.

HungWei Ting Hung, Taiwan

This has been a great experience for me. I have learned so much and have met so many people here. It is like home and family here. I will miss everyone! It has been a great experience for me.

KucukerolMert Kucukerol, Turkey

I have had a fantastic experience here! The courses and teachers are terrific. The trips and activities have been fantastic. Boston is a beautiful city. The experience has been priceless.

manzoniMaria Manzoni, Venezuela

I enjoyed my experience here so much. The quality of the English classes is very good. The teachers take a lot of time to make sure that the students understand everything and are progressing. The staff helps the students with any questions or problems we have. The cultural trips offered were fun and interesting. I like the campus. It is close to Boston which is a nice city. Meeting students from the US and around the world has been great.

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