English: Creative Writing and Literature

The English: Creative Writing and Literature Program focuses on the relationships between literature and creative writing. The English faculty are all published writers who serve as role models and mentors for students. English majors prepare for careers in which professional writing and cultural knowledge are essential.

Recent graduates work in the legal profession, education, publishing, media, public relations, advertising, education administration, and theatre. English majors create portfolios of professional writing at their Senior Internship sites. As evidence of their competence in both writing and literary study, majors submit either an Advanced Creative Writing Portfolio or a Literary Assessment Paper.

Each year a selected student represents Pine Manor in the Greater Boston Intercollegiate Poetry Festival held at Boston College. Undergraduate students pursuing a BA with a major in English may apply for acceptance into the Solstice Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing, and begin their graduate work in the final semester of their BA program. If they are accepted into the MFA program, the graduate work they complete in their final undergraduate semester will satisfy the degree requirements in English. In addition, the graduate course work completes the first semester of the MFA program.
Learning Outcomes of the English Program

  • Students develop student writing, reading, thinking, and oral skills
  • Students gain an understanding of literary forms and traditions; teach critical analysis through reading and writing; and provide cultural and historical contexts for writers from a variety of backgrounds
  • Students develop cultural literacy
  • Students develop sensitivity to language, voice, and audience
  • Students develop creativity
  • Students see how a proficiency in writing and literature links them with other fields and disciplines
  • Students prepare for graduate study and for careers in which writing skills are vital


Margaret Roberts ‘13

Currently pursuing advanced degree:

University of Rochester, New York, Master’s degree program in Marriage and Family Therapy.


Pine Manor College, Double major in English and Psychology

"It stretches your imagination and prepares you for the changing future. The numerous skills I acquired helped me to teach abroad, travel to new places, and pursue a mental health degree."

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Kate Holden ‘14

Currently pursuing advanced degree:

Currently studying towards MFA in Theatre: Contemporary Performance at Naropa University in Colorado.


Pine Manor College, Double Major in English and Theatre

"Because of the diversity of my program, I got to go to one of the top graduate schools in my field. My internship connected me with an adjunct faculty member at my current university, as well as a whole new way of making theatre. I’m so thankful to have had that opportunity."

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Program Faculty

Professor Emeritae


Hannah Baker-Siroty - Program Coordinator
 Tel: 617-731-7125

Program Courses

  • EN 111 Mythology and Literature 
  • EN 112 World Literature: Genres and Themes
  • EN 200 Writing on the Job: Professional and Persuasive Writing
  • EN 203 British Literature:  An Introduction
  • EN 204 Feature Writing
  • EN 205 Visiting Writers Seminar: Fiction
  • EN 206 Creative Writing
  • EN 207 Visiting Writers Seminar: Poetry
  • EN 208 Creative Nonfiction
  • EN 210 Poetry I
  • EN215  Short Story
  • EN 216 Shakespeare I
  • EN/TH 217 Shakespeare II
  • EN 221 The Poet in the World
  • EN 223 Bad Girls and Wild Women
  • EN 229 Children's Literature 
  • EN 232 American Literature
  • EN 233 African-American and Caribbean Literature
  • EN 234/334 The Bachelorette in Fiction and Film
  • EN 235 Female Voices of Diversity 
  • EN 236/336 Zora Neale Hurston
  • IDS/WS 213/313 Women in Detective Fiction
  • IDS 290/390 Boston Through its Writers
  • EN 495 Senior Internship


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Recent Internship sites:

  • Cervena Barva Press, Assistant to the Editor 
  • The Association of Haitian Women, Events Planner 
  •, Travel Writer 
  • The Actors’ Shakespeare Project, Stage Manager. 
  •, Petition Writer 
  • Higgins Armory Museum, Tour Guide and Researcher 
  • The Duxbury Clipper, Reporter 
  • Mather Elementary School, Teaching Assistant 
  • The Solstice MFA in Creative Writing Program, Assistant to Director 
  • English Language Center of Boston, ESL Teaching Intern 
  • Annenberg Library, Assistant to Director