English Program Requirements

The English major integrates the study of literature and the practice of writing. Our faculty—all professional critics, writers, and editors—serve as role models and mentors for students in English classes. The program emphasizes the connections between literature and writing by bringing published authors to the campus and by incorporating Boston-area literary and theatre events into the curriculum. Through a double focus on literature and writing, students develop writing portfolios and prepare for professions in which effective communication and cultural literacy are essential. Recent graduates have begun careers in journalism, law, media communication, public relations, advertising, educational administration, creative writing, banking, theatre, publishing, and teaching. During her final year, the English major produces a portfolio of professional writing at her Senior Internship site or writes a senior essay that serves as a writing internship. As evidence of her competence in both writing and literary study, each major submits a paper from a 300-level Pine Manor College literature course or from IDS 389 or IDS 390 for assessment by a panel of English instructors appointed by the B.A. Coordinator. Students are expected to pass this paper before their final semester of their senior year.

By permission of the B.A. Coordinator, a student may substitute an upper-level literature course in a foreign language for one of her electives in English; however, such a course may not substitute for the required 300-level English courses. Qualified students may spend a junior semester or year taking approved courses at an institution in an English-speaking country.

English: Creative Writing and Literature Major Requirements

All English majors must take these core requirements:

  • EN 111 Mythology and Literature or EN 112 World Literature: Genres and Themes
  • 200 Level International Lit. Course or EN232 American Writers
  • EN 216 Shakespeare I or EN/TH 217 Shakespeare II
  • One English writing course at the 200 or 300 level.
  • One English literature course at the 300 level (and/or IDS 389 and/or IDS 390) taken at Pine Manor.
  • EN 490 Senior Seminar (for students entering Fall 2015 and later)
  • EN 495 Senior Internship

Students choose ONE of the following tracks to pursue:

Literature track:

  • One (1) 300 Level Lit. class (If a Senior Seminar doesn’t run, students will complete their Assessment Paper in this class.)
  • American Lit. or International Lit. (whichever has not been taken as a core requirement)
  • One (1) additional Lit. classes 

Creative Writing track:

  • THREE (3) Creative Writing courses (If a Senior Seminar doesn’t run, students will complete their Creative Portfolio in one of these classes)

A.A. Concentration in English

First Year
 EN 111 Mythology and Literature
 EN 112 World Literature: Genres and Themes
 A 200-level literature course.
 Sophomore Year
 EN 203 British Literary Traditions
 EN 232 American Writers
 Two 200-level writing courses.

Minor Requirements

 Five courses in English are required, including one of the following:
 EN 111 Mythology and Literature
 EN 112 World Literature: Genres and Themes
 And one of the following two courses:
 EN 203 British Literary Traditions
 EN 232 American Writers
 At least one, but not more than two, writing courses are required. Remaining courses are to be selected from EN literature offerings.