Additional Financial Resources

Use this page to find additional funding such as federal work-study, scholarship search guides, helpful links, financial aid literature, and professional associations.

Federal Work-Study Program

Students who are eligible for Federal Work-Study (FWS) are responsible for finding a work position on their own. A Federal Work-Study award on the Financial Aid Award Letter does not guarantee a work position for the student.

On-Campus FWS Jobs

  • Campus employment includes a wide variety of opportunities within departments of the College. The Financial Aid Office puts together a Job Directory that lists all available on-campus positions and job descriptions. A Work-Study Information Session is held during the first week of classes. The pay rate is standard for all campus positions.

Off-Campus FWS Jobs

  • Students eligible for FWS may find a work position off-campus in a company or organization that provides community service that qualifies for FWS funds.

Additional Scholarships

Helpful Links

Financial Aid Literature

Professional Associations



Student Financial Services

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Director of Financial Aid
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Assistant Director of Financial Aid
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Financial Aid Counselor
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