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Additional Financial Resources

Use this page to find additional funding such as federal work-study, scholarship search guides, helpful links, and financial aid literature, .

Federal Work-Study Program

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program provides part-time employment to students attending institutions of higher education who need the earnings to help meet their costs of postsecondary education and encourages students receiving FWS assistance to participate in community service activities.

FWS awards are based on need. Positions are limited, and there are more eligible applicants than positions. The Financial Aid does not place students in jobs. Students who are eligible for Federal Work-Study (FWS) are responsible for finding a work position on their own. A Federal Work-Study award on the Financial Aid Award does not guarantee a work position for the student.

On-Campus FWS Jobs

  • Campus employment includes a wide variety of opportunities within departments of the College. The Financial Aid Office puts together a Job Directory that lists all available on-campus positions and job descriptions. A Work-Study Information Session is held during the first week of classes. The pay rate is standard for all campus positions and is the State of Massachusetts minimum wage.

Off-Campus FWS Jobs

  • Students eligible for FWS may find a work position off-campus in a company or organization that provides community service that qualifies for FWS funds.

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