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Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Pine Manor College
Financial Aid
Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

The U. S. Department of Education federal regulations require that all students receiving financial aid make progress toward their course of study. Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is the measure of a student’s progress. Pine Manor College has created the following standards to comply with the federal regulations. Students who fail to meet these standards may not receive financial aid, including loans.

A student’s entire academic history will be reviewed for the purposes of determining satisfactory academic progress, including those not paid for by financial aid. Progress will be evaluated after each semester.

Standards Required

1. Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA based on the number of credits attempted.

Number of credits attempted/earned             Minimum cumulative GPA required

1-32                                                              1.75

33-132                                                          2.00

2. Students must complete (with letter grades A, B, C, D, to D-) a minimum of 67% of all courses attempted within a given semester. Example: A student registered for 16 credits must successfully complete 10 credits.

Attempted credits include all credits in which the student is registered at the end of the add/drop period. All courses are considered credits attempted, whether or not the course is completed, including grades of “F”, course withdrawals “W”, courses taken for credit – NC and CR (no letter grade). Any incomplete grades (I) that are not completed by the end of the following term will be coded as a failure and will be included as attempted credits. Transfer credits, including those received during consortium study, will be counted as attempted and earned.

Repeated courses are included in the calculation of both attempted and earned hours. Once a minimum grade of “C” is attained, no future repeat will be supported by financial aid.

3. Students must complete their programs within a time frame no longer than 150% of the published length of the educational program.

132 credits are needed to graduate. 150% of 132 = 198 credits. Students who cannot complete their program within this time frame are no longer eligible to receive financial aid.

Financial Aid Warning/Suspension:

At the end of each semester, the Pine Manor College Financial Aid office reviews each financial aid applicants’ academic record to determine satisfactory progress status.

Any student failing to meet one of the required standards of satisfactory progress will be placed on financial aid warning for the following semester. During this warning semester, students are still eligible to receive financial aid.

If the SAP standards are not met after the warning semester, students will be placed on financial aid suspension, and will no longer be eligible to receive financial aid. Financial aid eligibility can be reinstated if a student enrolls and pays for courses, and raises his/her GPA and completion rate to meet the required standards.

Right to Appeal:

A student may appeal a financial aid suspension due to not meeting satisfactory academic progress if there were extenuating circumstances. Examples of extenuating circumstances may include medical problems, death of a close family member, recall to military duty, undue hardship, or academic issues. An appeal must be made in writing to the Pine Manor College Financial Aid Appeals Committee. A student also must submit an Academic Progress Plan – the period of such a status will be determined on a case by case basis, but it will not exceed three semesters. The specific requirements of the Academic Plan will be set by the Office of Academic Affairs, based on the recommendation of the Director of Financial Aid and the Dean of the College. This plan must be signed by an academic advisor. Each student, whose appeal is approved, will be expected to meet the enrollment goals set in the plan for each semester.

Financial Aid Probation:

Financial Aid Probation Status is assigned to a student who appeals a Financial Aid Suspension (Denial) and the appeal is granted for financial aid reinstatement of Title IV aid. A student is considered to be on Financial Aid Probation status for one payment period. While a student is on Financial Aid Probation the student must abide by the terms and conditions set forth in the Academic Progress Plan prescribed by their academic adviser and the satisfactory academic progress standards required above. Failure to meet these requirements will result in Financial Aid Suspension (Denial).