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Tuition & Costs

2021-2022 undergraduate programs cost

Pine Manor College is committed to providing financial support to our students and their families that supports their success. This commitment to value is made possible by the generous contributions of the alumni and the friends to the College’s Fund for Affordable Education. This unique partnership helps keep costs at a reasonable level for students and families. You can determine your actual cost to attend Pine Manor College by subtracting your total financial aid award (which also includes a consideration of personal expenses that are not direct charges) from the total direct charges below (tuition, room board, and student fees).

Below are the direct charges for attending Pine Manor College for the 2021-2022 academic year for our students:

(To view tuition and fees for PMC’s Graduate Program, The Solstice Low-Residency Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Program, click here.)

Resident Students Fall Semester Spring Semester Total Year



$15,330 $15,330 $30,660


Room & Board (Double)


$6,915 $6,915 $13,830
Room & Board (Single) $8,075 $8,075 $16,150
Orientation Fee (Freshmen) $300 $0 $300
Room Deposit $250 $0 $250
Student Activities Fee $40 $40 $80
Technology Fee $100 $100 $200
Comprehensive Fee $360 $360 $720

Total Costs


$23,295 $22,745 $46,040
Total Costs
$24,455 $23.905 $48,360


Please Note: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires all college students to have health insurance. Students without another accepted form of insurance are required to enroll in a college-sponsored health insurance plan and pay the cost of such a plan. Other variable costs include: transportation, personal expenses, books and supplies, parking and other miscellaneous fees.

Commuter Students Fall Semester Spring Semester Total Year
Tuition $15,330 $15,330 $30,660
Orientation Fee $300 $0 $300
Student Activities Fee $40 $40 $80
Technology Fee $100 $100 $200
Comprehensive Fee $360 $360 $720

Total Costs


$16,130 $15,830 $31,960



Additional fees:


Fall Semester Spring Semester
Matriculating Part-Time $955 $955  


Per Credit


Non-Matriculating Part-Time $765 $765  


Per Credit


Course Overload $0 $0  


20-23.5 Credits


Course Overload $1,900 $1,900  


24+ Credits


Audit Fee $500 $500
Credit for Prior Learning $500 $500
Vehicle Registration Resident $180/Year
Vehicle Registration Commuter $120/Year
Late Student Account Payt. Fee $100
Returned Check Fee $50
Official Transcript Fee $5
Late Internship Contract Fee $50
Student Health Insurance Plan $1,961 $1,214
Spring Only Coverage