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Humphrey Fellows Join Business & Management Classes

Humphrey Fellows Join Business Management Classes

On November 20, 27 and 29, the Business and Management Department hosted three specialists in the area of financial inclusion from Moldova, eSwatini (formerly Swaziland) and Tajikistan, who presented in two courses. Humphrey Fellows are emerging leaders from countries undergoing transition and development, selected by the U.S. State Department to spend a year in the U.S. broadening their experience, building networks, and engaging in graduate study and intercultural exchange. 150 Fellows from 97 countries were hosted at thirteen universities across the country. Boston University hosts Fellows who specialize in banking and finance.

Pine Manor College has fostered relationships with the Humphrey Fellowship Program for a few years. Professor Joseph Fargnoli, Assistant Professor of Business and Management, and Program Coordinator, has met with Humphrey Fellows since 2016, and International Student Success Coach, Cyrus Konstantinakos, formerly served as Assistant Director of the Humphrey Fellowship Program at Boston University. In November of 2017, during International Education Week at Pine Manor College, Humphrey Fellows joined PMC students in the cafeteria for dinner and conversation.

We were thrilled to continue and offer our students access to the Humphrey Fellowship Program with more presentations on various topics. On May 8th, Ms. Aziza Pulotova, cofounder of the Training Center of Business and Finance Excellence in Tajikistan, presented in Professor Dawn Mackiewicz’s class on her support of Tajik women to become entrepreneurs.

On November 20th, Ms. Olga Melniciuc, an economic advisor to the president of Moldova, presented on women’s financial empowerment in her country.

After briefly introducing Moldovan geography and culture, Ms. Melniciuc described her role in advising national economic development. She highlighted the challenges that women face in trying to make a living for themselves and their families. A fascinating discussion ensued.

On November 27th, Ms. Thabsile Princess Ntshalintshali, the first female certified public accountant in the history of eSwatini/Swaziland, also introduced her country, and then she focused on Personal Financial Fitness. She used examples from eSwatini and elsewhere in the world to emphasize the importance of both financial literacy and also establishing and maintaining healthy financial habits.

There were lots of questions and comments, and some students said they thought the topic should be incorporated into instruction for all first and second year students.

On November 29th, Ms. Aziza Pulotova presented for a second time at PMC, this time via Skype from Tajikistan. She began by chatting with each student individually, and then she introduced her country.

Ms. Pulotova then presented on Microfinance and Women’s Empowerment in Tajikistan. She described how national attention to women’s financial empowerment has grown since the mid1990s and the role of Business alliance “MO”, which serves to support Tajik women entrepreneurs and youth.

Ms. Pulotova’s organization has trained thousands of women in building businesses in fields such as tailoring, cultivating and drying fruits, and greenhouse technology.

Following Ms. Pulotova’s presentation, she and the class discussed the relative freedom that women in the U.S. enjoy, and Ms. Pulotova enlisted ideas from students on how to persuadeTajik women—and also men—to embrace the concept of women in the workforce. It was a great three sessions, and we look forward to exploring more ways of integrating Humphrey Fellows into education at Pine Manor College.

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