ilsr Certificate Program

The ilsr Certificate Program is designed to group a number of meaningful curricular and co-curricular experience which reflect the Mission of the College and enhance participants' understanding of and connection to inclusive leadership and social responsibility .  This program is open to all Pine Manor students and is designed with the intent that students can opt into the program at any stage in their academic career, providing they are able to successfully complete the requirements.  Some students (i.e. Leadership Scholars ) may be strongly encouraged to participate in the program from the start of their Pine Manor experience. 

Participants' progressive involvement in the program will be documented by an ilsr Certificated Program Mentor or a designee. A Mentor will be assigned to each student in the Program and will most likely be a member of the Center for ilsr Advisory Board. Each Program participation will meet regularly with Mentor to discuss the connections and level of understanding is developing or changing over time. Participants who complete the following set of requirements will be awarded with the ilsr Certificate, which will be featured on their official College transcript.

Requirements of the ilsr Certificate Program

For completion of the Program, a student must:

  • Successfully complete five courses from a list of accepted ilsr Certificate courses. These courses must include IDS 200, IDS 250, and three other selected from the list. (IDS 200 is a prerequisite for IS 250
  • Attend one off-site Leadership Retreat/Symposium (FY and/or Upper-level)
  • Engage in and complete a Leadership Project. This project must be approved by Coordinator(s) and may include (but is not limited to) one of the following:
    • Designing an appropriate independent or small group project or study with a PMC Staff, Faculty, or Community Partner. (This could be built around and in coordination with a student's own current work/employment experience).
    • Working with a First Year Seminar or other relevant course as a TA and/or peer facilitator.
    • Assisting with the planning and facilitation or FY Retreat/Symposium, Community Mediation Training, or Mission-related Orientation Program.
    • Take an active role in a student organization that benefits the PMC community, taking care to facilitate the clubs/organization in a way that reflects the concepts of islr.
    • Exploratory Internship
    • Be an active member of the Cilsr Advisory Board for the term of a year
  • Meet regularly with her Certificate Program Mentor
  • Complete a "Collection of Reflections," writing about how each experience in the Certificate Program deepened the student's understanding of the Mission.
  • Complete an "exit interview" with members of the Cilsr Advisory Board or designee(s)
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