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The 2017 Service Kellogg Awards Ceremony 

The Pine Manor community came together for the annual Service and Kellogg Awards ceremony.

Service Awards:

Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Bill Opava opened the event and thanked the staff and the faculty for their hard work and dedication this past year. Opava invited supervisors and colleagues to honor and celebrate staff and faculty who are marking a milestone this year. He was joined by President O’Reilly and Dean of the College, Diane Mello-Goldner, Ph.D., in presenting the awards and certificates.

Receiving recognition were:

30 years of service:

  • Dorothy (Dotty) McDermott, Business Manager   

    Walking over to receive her 30 year service award, Dotty was greeted by a long and enthusiastic standing ovation by her colleagues and long-time friends.

20 years of service:

  • Gertrude Grandchamps, Lead Teacher, Child Study Center
  • William B.Vogele, Ph.D., Professor of Political Science

15 years of service:

  • Thomas Milton, Maintenance Technician

10 years of service:

  • Santiago Aldana, Shuttle Driver
  • Francisco Depina, Grounds Keeper
  • Sandra McElroy, Ed.D., Professor of Education

6 years of service:

  • Tim Johnson, Director of Finance
  • Lisa Rodrigues ‘06, Associate Dean of Student Life

5 years of service

  • Eileen McLaughlin, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Communication
  • Tamar Petler, Graphic Designer/Photographer
  • James J. Piermarini, Controller
  • Efrat Zinnar-Shavit, Director of Media and Publications

Kellogg Awards:

Bill Opava honored the Kellogg family and talked about the special scholarship that was established by the sons of Elizabeth Irwin Kellogg ’35, in celebration of her 85th birthday.  Mrs. Kellogg was a passionate advocate for Pine Manor College, served on the Board of Trustees for many years, and had a lasting contribution to the success of the college. The Kellogg family wanted to recognize the people who are the backbone of Pine Manor – the college’s employees, and they chose to do so by establishing the Kellogg Award. The Kellogg Award is presented annually to individuals who demonstrate an outstanding contribution to Pine Manor College.

President O’Reilly recognized each of this year’s Kellogg Award recipients and presented the prestigious awards.

This year’s recipients of the Kellogg Award are: 

  • Barbara Schwartz, Assistant Professor of Computer Studies and Instructional Technology Specialist
  • Dan Bohrs, Program Director, the English Language Institute
  • Efrat Zinnar-Shavit, Director of Media and Publications

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