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Lab in a Box

Lab in a Box

Lab in a Box” offers college students a unique hands-on research experience led by a career professional as an integral part of a gateway or upper level course. 

We are the Biology Program at Pine Manor College, a co-educational college in Chestnut Hill, MA. Our mission is to graduate students with a strong foundation in the biological sciences, ready to take their next step. Research literacy is key to accomplishing that goal. A course- associated experiment led by a research professional using his or her system is a powerful, engaging experience. And our “Lab in a Box” program is a proven success. Students who have experienced “Lab in a Box” credit both the visiting scientists and the hands-on experience with motivating them to a career in research. 

Examples of previous labs:

  • Isolation of novel circadian rhythm mutants in Drosophila 
  • Genetic cross and mutant selection in C. elegans 
  • Histochemical staining and fluorescent microscopy of human fibroblasts and keratinocytes

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