Late Student Account Payment Fee

Students are expected to pay all required tuition, fees and other charges by the deadlines indicated as a matter of College rules and community responsibility. A late fee of $100 per semester is assessed to students who have not paid in full by the deadline, pending verified financial aid and loans to be deducted from their account. If such charges are not paid on time, the Registrar and the Controller are notified. Such students may be denied the opportunity to register, to receive final grades and transcripts, or to graduate, or in some circumstances, be denied access to College facilities, until all obligations are properly discharged. Students are responsible for the payment of all accrued interest and litigation fees attributable to the collection of their account. Students may appeal a late fee charge, in writing, to the Director of Finance.



Student Financial Services

Main Number 617.731.7000
Toll Free: 800.762.1357

Deborah Gravel
Director of Financial Aid
Direct Line: 617-731-7628

Susan Gonzales
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Direct Line: 617-731-7129

Migdalia D. Perez
Financial Aid Counselor
Direct Line: 617-731-7121