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Lunchtime Talk: Jervette Ward
“Hurston: Mainstay and Legacy”

Wednesday 18 April — PDR — 11:45-12:45 

Please join a lunchtime talk with Jervette Ward. Jervette recently presented her work on Zora Neale Hurston at a conference in Atlanta. This work is part of forthcoming volume on Hurston. 

The summary description of her Atlanta presentation is:
“For the present generation of young scholars, Zora Neale Hurston has forever been a part of the American literary canon. Hurston’s progression from a minor star of the Harlem Renaissance to its leading lady and cornerstone of the period has been an eventful journey. Due to Hurston’s meteoric rise to fame, some scholars have questioned whether she has been over-lionized; however, the question of Hurston’s over lionization should not be seen as an attack, but rather as a solidification of her position in the literary world. The debates, queries, and analyses simply expand upon and build upon her legacy. Thus this paper simultaneously highlights the serendipity of discovery, the politics of recovery of African American women’s writing, and introduces an unknown text for further study.”

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