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Dear Pine Manor College Community and Friends:

The Town of Brookline is in search of 7-8 acres of land. This evening, they added Pine Manor College’s Heath Street fields to the list of potential sites for acquisition. This decision has been made without public process. The College is strongly opposed to it.

Attached is a letter that I sent today outlining the College’s opposition, which is supported by our Trustees and the Senior Leadership Team. These processes take many steps and this evening’s news is the first step in what is typically a long process.

Know that I welcome your input on this matter, and that I will keep you in the loop of developments. We have many friends in town who want us to succeed. We believe that the Town’s proposal is unfair and unwarranted.

Join me in spreading the ongoing good news of Pine Manor College with anyone in the town you know, and equally importantly in keeping our focus first and foremost on our students’ success and the continued important work that we do each and everyday. I am confident that our case is strong, and that once heard it will be well received.

Thank you for your support and dedication.

Please click here for the letter from President O’Reilly to the Brookline Board of Selectman.

Please click here for the Brookline Tab’s article:

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