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Our recent announcement of an integration and teach-out between Pine Manor College and Boston College brought about many questions. Here we will try to answer as many questions as we can. We will continue to update this page as more information becomes available.

General Questions

Was the sale of the land considered to support the college and keep Pine Manor College as its own entity?

Yes, the sale of land was considered by the President and Board of Trustees. Due to significant complications, selling the land alone was not sufficient to maintain Pine Manor College in its current existence.

Is this a merger with Boston College?

Neither Boston College nor Pine Manor College have called this opportunity a merger or a buyout as the creation of the Pine Manor Institute for Student Success at Boston College is an innovative path forward for both institutions that allows each to stay true to their mission and students. The Pine Manor Institute for Student Success is dependent on resources Boston College can provide and Boston College is dependent on resources from Pine Manor College. This coming together reflects assets and strengths from both organizations.

What happens next?

Good question! Many details need to be worked out and discussed. Most of the Pine Manor College employees’ foreseeable future will be focused on our current students and newly enrolled students. In addition, we want to ensure that all of our full-time employees feel comfortable in their next steps and understand our expectations of them for the next 1 to 2 years. As we have said all along, our priorities are our students and our employees. Once we feel like they are on solid footing, we can best start reaching out and thinking strategically about the Pine Manor Institute for Student Success at Boston College.



What does this announcement mean for me as a current PMC student?

It means you have lots of options and we will work with you throughout the summer to find the right one. You will hear from a PMC staff or faculty member the week of May 18, 2020, to schedule a time to meet.

The faculty or staff member will review your transcript and educational goals with you, describe each of the partnership institutions, and help you determine if you want to continue your work at Pine Manor College for 2020-2021 or transfer to a partner institution. You may also decide that your best next step is not attending a partner institution, but going somewhere else or taking a gap year with a program like City Year.

  • If you stay at Pine Manor College: We will make sure you are enrolled in classes and have your FAFSA completed.
  • If you decided to attend a partner institution: We will make sure to go over your transcript and individual situation with you, connect you with support staff at the partner institution, and make sure you are enrolled in classes and have your financial aid forms submitted.
  • If you decide to go to another college or university that is not a partner institution: We will help you complete their application package and financial aid forms.
  • If you decide to take a gap year and want to apply for City Year: We will put you in touch with their recruiting team who will talk with you virtually about your application and next steps.
  • Most importantly, whatever you decide – talk to your PMC network about your options. Reach out to your student success coach, favorite faculty members, and ask them for their thoughts. You are not alone in making these decisions and, of course, you can stay right here on campus!

Who are the partner institutions?

What are the requirements for admission at our Partnership Institutions?

  • You will be admitted if you are in good conduct and academic standing (in most cases, a minimum GPA of 2.0).
  • If you are not in good academic standing, we will help you think through ways that you might begin to bring up your GPA.
  • There is a streamlined application for you to complete and you will not be required to submit an application fee or materials such as essays or letters of recommendations.
  • Once we have your permission, we will share your transcript and connect you with staff at the partner institution(s), who will then talk with you about your degree progression. (i.e.; how many credits and requirements you would have remaining).

What about my General Education requirements?

  • If you have already fulfilled your general education requirements at PMC, then you will not have to fulfill them at a partner institution.
  • If you have not fulfilled them at PMC, then staff at the partner institution will review your transcript and determine which of your PMC courses will work to fulfill their requirements. They will then let you know what courses you would still need to complete.

What about my major and major requirements?

While the partner institution have just about all of our majors (or close matches), they also offer more majors and academic offerings than we have at PMC. Therefore, in some cases, they may have a major that more closely aligns with your particular area of interest. Before meeting with your Point Person, it might help you to review the partner institution’s academic offerings on the websites provided below.

What about my IEP (for incoming PMC students) and accessibility services?

Accessibility Services will be available to support you throughout your transfer process, helping you make the best decisions for your next steps, and serving as a bridge to accessibility staff at our partner institutions.

Will I receive a Pine Manor College degree or a Boston College degree if I stay at Pine Manor College?

Pine Manor College students who graduate in the next two years will receive a Pine Manor College degree and diploma.

Students who are eligible to apply to Boston College’s Woods College of Advancing Studies at Boston College and get accepted, will receive a degree and diploma from Boston College.

Will Pine Manor College’s fall classes be on-line or in-person?

The Senior Leadership Team has not made a decision about whether classes for the fall semester will take place in-person or on-line. When we do make the decision, it will be based on the safety of our students and our employees.

Residential Life

What do I do about the items I left on campus when I moved out of the residence halls?

All student belongings have been packed and are being stored safely on campus.

When can I pick up my belongings?

At this moment, we are asking students not to return to campus due to COVID-19. Residence Life will be sending more information to students in early June about a process for scheduling a time to pick up your belongings. Students that plan to stay at Pine Manor College in the fall, can leave their belonging on campus in storage for this summer, if they like.

What is the last date I can come to campus to get my stuff?

If you are transferring out of Pine Manor College or if you graduated this Spring, the last day to come to campus to pick up your belongings or to work out a delivery plan will be June 26, 2020.

What if I cannot make it back to campus to pick up my belongings?

If you can't physically come to campus to pick up your belongings, we can provide you with a list of companies that you can contact to help you with picking up and delivering your items home. Please note that this would be a cost the student would have to acquire.

If I transfer to a new school with a friend, can we be roommates at the new school?

This will be a question to ask the Office of Residence Life at the school you are transferring to. Your team of PMC faculty/staff supporting you with transferring can help address this question as well.

International Students

What will happen to my I-20?

If you stay at Pine Manor College, you need to process your I-20 in the same way as usual. You can work with Cyrus, accordingly.

If you are transferring schools, please connect with Cyrus so he can help you with the paperwork.

Loans/school payments

What happens to my loans?

You will still be responsible for the student loans you borrowed for your old school, so it's important to address them when you transfer. While your new school should automatically report your enrollment, you’re responsible for following up. If you fail to do so, you could end up owing loan payments because your lenders think you’re no longer in school. Make sure your lenders are aware that you’re enrolled at a new school. 

Even after transferring, you’re still responsible for repaying loans taken out to cover the costs of your old school. Track all of the different loans you’ve taken out so you can make a plan for repayment upon graduation. That way, nothing will fall through the cracks when it comes time to repay your college loans.

Here is the link for more information:

Do I still have to pay for my school balance?

Yes, you still need to pay your PMC school balance from 2019-2020, regardless if you stay at PMC or transfer. Once you pay your PMC balance in full, you will be able to obtain your official PMC transcript, as well.

Do I need to complete a new FAFSA if I transfer?

If you have completed a 2020/21 FAFSA with PMC, you will only need to add the school code of the new school. Once we know where students will be transferring, the Financial Aid Office can assist you in adding the school code.

Can I get work study at my new school?

If you get work-study as part of your new financial aid package, you can apply to work study jobs at your new institution.

How will my financial aid package at my new school compare to PMC?

The new institution will determine your financial aid award package. Please contact Financial Aid if you need a comparison on your out of pocket expenses

When You Must Begin Payments

Once you graduate, drop below half-time enrollment, or leave school, your federal student loan goes into repayment. However, if you have a Direct Subsidized, Direct Unsubsidized, or Federal Family Education Loan, you have a six-month grace period before you are required to start making regular payments.

When your loan enters repayment, your servicer will automatically place you on the Standard Repayment Plan. You can request a different repayment plan at any time.

Your loan servicer will provide you with a loan repayment schedule that states when your first payment is due, the number and frequency of payments, and the amount of each payment.

Your billing statement will tell you how much to pay. Your monthly payment amount depends on your repayment plan. If you signed up for electronic communication, pay attention to your email. Most loan servicers send an email when your billing statement is ready for you to access online.


Will there be athletics at PMC this upcoming school year?

If Pine Manor College has in-person classes and NCAA hosts the sports seasons, we hope to have enough players for Men’s Soccer, Women’s Basketball, Men’s Basketball, and Men’s Baseball. If you are a student athlete and plan to return to PMC for 2020-2021, please talk with your coach.

Will I automatically make the team if I go to a partner institution?

No, each team is in a different situation related to roster sizes and needs.

Does the College need to "release" me, so I can talk with coaches at another school?

Yes, your coach or John Griffith, Athletic Director, can give you the release form.

Who should I reach out to with questions regarding athletics and getting on a team at my new school? 

Students should reach out to the athletic director or coach at their new school or their PMC coach to find out more details on transfer requirements.

What makes a student "eligible" to play? 

Eligible students must be in good academic standing at PMC, meaning students who are not on academic probation or suspension. A student must meet the NCAA transfer criteria. The NCAA transfer link is:

What should I think about when it comes to next steps?


  • Do they have my major (or a close match)?

GPA/academic standing

  • How will my GPA be calculated at my new school?
  • Will my GPA be a “start fresh” or will my PMC grades be calculated into a new GPA?
  • As I transferred into PMC, how will my credits from other institutions be counted towards my GPA?

Degree completion/credits

  • How many credits of mine will they accept? How many credits are required to graduate?
  • What courses will count towards requirements for my major (and General Ed., if not already completed at PMC)? What is my specific pathway towards my degree? How long will it take me to get my degree?

Financial aid package review

  • What will my total cost be?
  • Out-of-pocket expenses & loans?

Residence life

  • Can I live on campus at the new school?
  • Is there a housing requirement?
  • Can I choose my own roommate? 

Student athletes

  • Do they have my sport?
  • What is the process for connecting with coaches about possibility of joining a team?

Health & wellness

  • How will my physical and mental health needs be met?
  • Does the institution offer health insurance?

Student support & learning resources

  • What are the people and services that are available to support my success?
  • How do I access them?
  • How will I become integrated into the new community?
  • Does the school have special mentorship and support programming/resources for me as a first-generation college student? Student of color? International student? Undocumented student? Parent? Student with housing insecurities?

 Co-curricular life

  • Do they have options/programs that are of interest to me (e.g., theater, dance, clubs/organizations, recreation activities, etc.)?

Prospective Students

Is the College closing?

Pine Manor College has started a 2-year teach out plan, meaning students that have currently deposited at Pine Manor College or are currently matriculated may take classes in 2020-2021 and 2021-2022. Pine Manor College cannot enroll new students for the upcoming Fall 2020 semester, so admitted students and students who planned to attend PMC, though, had not yet applied will no longer be able to attend.

What happens if I planned to come to PMC this Fall semester as a new student, but have not yet notified PMC admissions?

If you hoped to attend PMC, but have not yet applied or been accepted to Pine Manor College, Pine Manor College is no longer accepting new students. If you need assistance finding another college for Fall 2020, please reach out to the PMC admissions team and they will assist you.

If you have been accepted or deposited, please see the next question.

What are my next steps as an accepted or deposited student?

You have several options. First, you may attend Pine Manor College for the next two years if you have already deposited, and then transfer to another institution. Second, if you have been accepted or if you have deposited, Pine Manor College has entered into partnerships with Bridgewater State University, Elms College, Framingham State University, Fisher College, Regis College, and UMass-Boston. Each school has agreed to enroll most of Pine Manor College’s accepted and deposited students starting in Fall 2020. Lastly, you could attend another school that you feel would be a good fit that has accepted you and offered you a competitive financial aid package.

Pine Manor College admissions counselors and athletic coaches will be in touch with you starting May 18, 2020, to schedule time to talk through plans. We want to help you through this time and find the best landing spot for you be it Pine Manor College or another institution.

Will students be refunded for deposits and/or already made tuition payments?

Yes, Pine Manor College will return any payments students and families made towards the Fall 2020 enrollment if you decide to no longer attend the school. Please contact your admissions counselor if you have decided to no longer come to Pine Manor College.

What happens if a reporter contacts me?

As an accepted or new student, you are not obligated to talk with a reporter or the media. If you like, you can direct reporters to Efrat Zinnar-Shavit, Director of Media and Publications, at or 617-799-6901.

Who can I talk with if I have additional questions?

Sam White, Dean of Enrollment Management, is happy to answer any and all questions. To contact Sam, please email to schedule a time.

How will this impact financial aid?

This will not impact your financial aid at Pine Manor College or another institution.

How does this compare to Newbury or Mt. Ida?

Pine Manor College is not closing, but rather collaborating with Boston College to create the Pine Manor Institute for Student Success at Boston College. Pine Manor College will operate for two more years helping students achieve their degree goals. After the two years Pine Manor will transition to become the Pine Manor Institute of Student Success where it will continue to serve its mission in serving historically under-represented college students.


What will happen to the campus?

Pine Manor College’s campus will continue as a place of learning. The next two years it will continue as Pine Manor College, and then it will transform into an extension of the Boston College campus. Boston College has discussed using the land for residential students, classes, administrative offices, and events much like we use the space today. 

Will there be a physical place or home for alumnae/i?

Yes, our Pine Manor College campus will remain intact! Discussions will continue in the near future to determine the best location and space for PMC Alumnae/i.

Will I have a chance to visit campus again?

When Coronavirus physically distancing orders are eased, we will open the campus up for visitors. At this time, the campus is closed to all guests and visitors to keep the students and essential employees on campus safe.

We are also hoping to host a reunion weekend in November, if physical distancing orders permit.

Will the Pine Manor College Bulletin continue?

Yes, the Pine Manor College Bulletin should continue for two years.

How and where will I be able to access my transcript if I need it in the future?

For the next two years, you can access it on-line through the campus registrar’s website. 

What if I lose my Pine Manor ring or I want to buy a sweatshirt, can I buy these types if items?

Yes, the following companies will continue to offer Pine Manor College merchandise:

What is the current value of the endowment and what will happen to it?

The endowment is valued around $10m and will support the Pine Manor Institute for Student Success.

I just gave a donation to Pine Manor a month ago – are you going to return donations? If not, what are you doing with the money?

The College has been incredibly grateful for all the donations that we have received in the past days and weeks. They have gone to ensuring our operations continue at full capacity. Moving forward, donations to the College can be given to either Pine Manor College or the Pine Manor Institute.

If you have additional questions or need additional information, please contact our Alumnae/i office at

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