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Catherine Carter, Iris Osterman, Leah Piepgras

Osterman, Carter, Piepgras

Catherine Carter, Iris Osterman, Leah Piepgras

Nature Works
February 5 – March 25, 2009

Catherine Carter: “My art is all about LINE. Line as articulation of movement. Line as found in nature – intricate, flowing, or sharp, like spider webs, waterways, or branches. Line as an indicator of both specific meaning and impressionistic form, as in the contrast between calligraphy and abstraction. Line as a way of exploring and expressing life.”

Iris Osterman: “The closer I observe a landscape, the easier it is to see beyond the named world and into the world of the symbolic. Life, in all is variety, speaks to us. In painting I try to be uncomplicated and let the line carry as much weight as possible. My palette is limited allowing me to focus on aspects of linear form. A place reveals itself as landscape distilled by memory and all that memory brings with it.”

Leah Piepgras: “My work is about: the physical perception of intangibles (rainbows, love); the building up of seemingly inconsequential moments into realization (swelling water molecules); looking for common phenomenon (reflection); the pure fulfillment of being human and experiencing the world through the body (orgasm); sustainable happiness with peaks of bliss, euphoria and elation (enlightenment).”

Artists’ Reception: Thursday, February 26, 7-9pm (Snow Date: Wednesday, March 4)

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