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LEGACY: Passing the Torch

LEGACY: Passing the Torch

Opening reception on November 17th, from 2pm to 5pm

Former Pine Manor College professor, Stephanie Mahan Stigliano curates a groundbreaking show of area teachers and their students, “Legacy,” opening in November. Stephanie brings together a wide community of faculty from Pine Manor College and other area colleges, hung side-by-side with the work of their students. 

Legacy: Passing the Torch catalogue, designed by Ania Gilmore, is now available and can be viewed on Blurb:

Please join all of us at the opening reception on Sunday, November 17th, from 2pm to 5pm at the Hess Gallery. 

LIST OF EXHIBITORS by mentors and their mentees:

  • Jamie Bowman 
    • Natalie Smith 
    • Chen Lu
  • Rachel Chambers 
    • Manasi Eswarapu 
    • Sophia Jokobson
  • Eileen DeRosas
    • Kei Sasaki
  • Percy Fortini-Wright 
    • Antonio White
  • Alex Gerasev 
    • Annelise Freund 
    • Julia Dudley-Kramer
  • Ania Gilmore 
    • Basha Maryanska 
    • Sandra Mayo 
    • Max Payne
  • Rebecca Goodale 
    • Jill Osgood 
    • Aubin White
  • Paul Goodnight 
    • Juan Perez 
    • Lyasya Sinkovski
  • Deborah Klotz 
    • Lynsey Galer 
    • Eddie O’Donoghue
  • Rachel Loischild 
    • Meaghan Hardy-Lavoie 
    • Maysoon Shafi
  • Carole Rabe 
    • Abigail Sturgis 
    • Katie White
  • Stephanie Stigliano 
    • Zayra Campos 
    • Dominique Litif-Nelson 
    • Pedro Francisco Ormaza
  • Carolyn Wirth 
    • Dora Eugene