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Advice and Comments to Applicants

Advice and Comments to Applicants

(from our students)

“This is the most difficult yet the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. You will not regret being a Solstice student for a minute. The program is challenging, but rightly so. The faculty are exceptional. The environment is welcoming and nurturing. I saw my writing transform and my confidence soar within mere months. This program feeds your soul.”

“The opportunity to learn across genres really stretches your writing in unbelievable ways.”

“If you want a program that will foster your talent, allow you to earn your MFA without relocating, and offer a real sense of community, then Solstice is for you.”

“If you live in the area, come audit classes at the next residency!”

“Read the books written by the faculty and check out their Web sites.”

“Ask for the email addresses/contact information for some students already in the program. We can provide a perspective that no one else can.”

“Read the guidelines carefully and don’t send in more than they ask for; just send your best work.”

“PMC is a safe and challenging place where I can take creative risks and not worry about being humiliated if I fail. But more important, we are all recognized when we succeed.”

“If writing well is not a priority in your life, rethink getting your MFA at PMC.”

“Don’t apply to this program because your main goal is to publish or even to teach—apply wanting to learn and become a better craftsperson, because that is the focus of this program. The other ‘stuff’ may certainly come later (and you WILL meet some editors and agents), but I say come to this program wanting to be a better writer and let the future take care of itself.”

“Learning how to budget your time—fit your writing into your life along with everything else—is one of the benefits of the program. That’s why a low-rez program made sense to me, as it mirrors a writer’s life more fully than a regular program. You’ll develop a skill you’ll take with you when you graduate and put to use the rest of your life.”

“Don’t think a low-residency format is easier than a full-residency program.”

“If you’ve never been in a workshop setting, seriously consider enrolling in one so that once you’re in a graduate workshop, you’ll have the basics down.”

“Know your genre. Don’t apply to the program if you haven’t read everything in your genre that you can get your hands on. You’ll be thrust into a program full of students who are savvy and knowledgeable about their area of concentration.”

“At the Solstice MFA Program, your work will get the focused attention you’re looking for.”

“Come prepared to be challenged; come prepared to be greeted and welcomed by people who take their writing and their community very seriously.”

“You’ll be inspired by great teachers and other students who are wanting something more from and for their art and life. That’s what I’m finding at PMC’s MFA Program.”