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The PLACE Between Mixed Media Works by JANET KAWADA and MERILL COMEAU

The PLACE Between
Mixed Media Works by

Now through July 31

Comeau Artist’s Statement: I am a mixed media artist assembling large, wall-hung fabric murals and collaged installations of discarded consumer materials.I bring together incongruous fibers redolent of past lives: worn blue jeans, plastic mesh vegetable bags, vintage linens, paper cups, obsolete slides, and cardboard boxes.Sometimes I use scraps in their original form respecting the source of the debris, other timesI deconstruct and alter materials with paint and print, often I use thread to draw line.In my use of cast-offs I explore lives lived, social constructs of identity and class, our speeded up consumer cycle, and the challenges of living in a complex world where we are bombarded with information and beset with challenges.

Kawada Artist’s Statement: Touch is crucial; the feeling produced while making as well as interacting with the objects. The concepts of security and strength in opposition to tentativeness, fragility and frailty are prevalent in today’s world and in my work. The material and the form it takes illustrate all of these abstractions.

Time, whether it is a moment in time, a period of time, or a passage of time, is prevalent within the iconography of my pieces. The work flows between the physicality of material and the process of time slowing down giving weight to an illusory concept.