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Panel of Activists

First Year Seminar Hosts Community Activists

The First-Year Seminar Program hosted a lively panel discussion with four community activists last night. The participating panelists were:

  • Will Morales — Executive Director of Greater Boston YMCA
  • Jed Hresko — Community Organizer in Boston, former candidate for State Senate
  • Carole Thompson — Director of Community Program at the Second Step (Organization for survivors of Domestic Violence)
  • Whitney Retallic — Educational Director of Walden Woods Project

In preparation for the event, the students researched the background of the four panelists and were answering questions about the panelists and their work on issues that are at the center of their activism: youth violence, voter participation, domestic violence, and the environment.

At the open discussion that followed the panelists presentations, students asked the panelists what motivated they to get involved, how they themselves can get involved and the skills the panelists utilize in their work. One common theme emerged from the panelists shared experiences as activists — the need for excellent communication skills and the ability to collaborate to become an effective community activist.

For more about the First Year Seminar Program please contact
Michele Ramirez – Professor of Psychology,

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