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September 10, 2020

Dear Students: 

These are very trying times. I have felt enormously challenged in making the right decision around opening campus for Fall 2020 as I have wanted to prioritize both your success in the classroom and our social justice mission.  In wrestling with this decision, I believed opening our residence halls for you was the right thing to do on all fronts.  With that said, given the continuing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the health disparities within Black and Brown communities, especially related to COVID-19, I have decided that Pine Manor College will remain fully remote for the Fall semester. 

To ensure the safety of you, your families, and your communities Pine Manor College will offer remote classes only and no on-campus housing for students. 

I am saddened by this decision, because I believe the best learning happens when we can be together.  However, the best learning can only happen when we, as a community, are confident of our safety and well-being and our ability to sustain that.  Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we are not there at this time. 

Given that the entire PMC community, inclusive of Student Success Coaches, Financial Aid Advisors, and Faculty, have just learned about this decision today – it will take a couple days to reach out to each of you regarding changes to schedules, housing plans, financial aid, etc.  Please be patient.  These are extraordinary times.  The Student Affairs and Academic Affairs teams will work with you to ensure your continued academic and student success regardless of our on-line format.  We will respond to your e-mails, calls, and text messages.  

On-line does not mean out of touch.  You will continue to have the opportunity for classroom discussions, out-of-classroom engagement, and for office hours and pop-in visits with your professors, advisors, and student success coaches.  We remain committed to you and your success.

Being a leader through times of crisis comes with great uncertainty and challenge.  I know some people will be pleased with this decision and some will feel upset and unheard.  Please know that every care was taken in making this decision.  Ultimately, it was made based on concern for the community’s health and wellness.

I am proud of each of you for your continued persistence during these difficult times. 


Thomas M. O’Reilly, President