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President Emerita Rosemary Ashby Returns to Lead the College 

BROOKLINE – The Board of Trustees of Pine Manor College announced that Dr. Rosemary Ashby has been appointed Interim President. Dr. Ashby returns after serving as President of Pine Manor from 1976 – 1996. She succeeds Dr. E. Joseph Lee who had served the College since 2013.

“We are pleased to bring such a talented, thoughtful leader back to Pine Manor,” said Board Chair Rob Utzschneider. “Dr. Ashby has an impressive track record at this institution and we couldn’t be more pleased to have the benefit of Rosemary’s intellect, experience and character.”

Noteworthy accomplishments during Dr. Ashby’s former tenure are numerous, starting with change to the school’s charter under which the formerly junior college became a recognized four-year institution, granting Bachelor of Arts degrees in Humanities and Social Sciences and Master’s degrees in Education. Dr. Ashby was also responsible for retiring the College’s short-term debt and significantly expanding endowment, resulting in the College’s first fully-endowed scholarships. Pine Manor became the first private college in Massachusetts to offer in-state tuition discounts to its students, 30% of whom were on full financial aid.

“I wish to extend my gratitude to the Board of Trustees for the opportunity to again serve this institution that I’ve loved for many years,” said Dr. Ashby. “Pine Manor College has had a tremendously positive impact on my life, and I look forward to giving back to the students, faculty and staff. This is truly an honor.” A former women’s college, Pine Manor became fully co-educational in 2013.

Aligning with the economics of the region, Pine Manor has become known for its successful integrated programs that focus on prominent industries in the area, most notably the sciences. The College combines a strong liberal arts education with deep programs in biology, psychology, and community health. Each program requires completion of a senior internship (16 hours per week), a program started by Dr. Ashby, and most successful in securing entry-level positions for graduates in their chosen fields. Other graduates use the internships as a platform for further post-graduate study. Most of these graduates enter careers in the biomedical sciences, which can include health care professions, research and benchwork. Furthermore, the College has ongoing relationships with institutions in the Boston area that facilitate student entry into internships and postgraduate employment and/or education. Pine Manor College is committed to strengthening these relationships during the coming years.

To support these initiatives, Pine Manor has received a generous gift from one of its most loyal Trustees Emeriti.

“After recently completing a strategic planning process, Pine Manor has chosen to capitalize on its historic strengths,” said Elizabeth Cary Blum ’92, Pine Manor’s Director of Alumnae Relations. “We are confident that Dr. Ashby will lead the College into a strong future and strengthen our relationships with institutions in the Boston area that will facilitate student entry into internships and post-graduate employment and education. And, of course, we look forward to reconnecting and energizing our talented alumnae.”

The Board of Trustees is forming a committee to lead the search for a new President.

Dr. Ashby holds a BA in French and Latin from the University of Cape Town, a BA in Modern and Medieval Languages and a Masters of Literature with a focus on 16th Century French Literature from Cambridge University. In addition, she holds a Ph.D. in Romance Languages and Literatures from Harvard University.

About Pine Manor College

Pine Manor is a private four-year liberal arts college situated on approximately 50 acres in Brookline, Massachusetts just outside Boston. For over 100 years, Pine Manor has provided a highly student-focused education and tailored mentoring grounded in the liberal arts tradition, offering strong academic programs in biology, psychology, community health, business and management. The college also offers a biology program preparing graduates to secure careers in health care and biomedical sciences; and a Master’s degree through its highly-regarded MFA in Creative Writing Program.

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