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Pine Manor International Students

Pine Manor International Students

Immunization Requirements

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires all full-time or part-time international students to submit proof of immunization against the following communicable diseases: measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), varicella (chickenpox), Tdap (diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis), hepatitis-B, and (bacterial) meningitis. (The meningitis immunization is highly recommended but if students are aware of the risks of meningitis and the advantages of the immunization, it is waivable and waiver forms can be found at Meningitis Waiver). In addition, a PPD (tuberculosis) test is required for those who are considered high risk on their TB questionnaire form. Your health care provider can provide proof of vaccination against these diseases, with dates of immunizations, or your health care provider can complete the immunization forms we provide at Health Report Form – THIS INFORMATION MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE PMC HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTER BEFORE YOU CAN COMPLETE YOUR COURSE REGISTRATION, ATTEND CLASSES, OR LIVE IN THE DORMITORIES. If you are not in compliance with all Pine Manor College immunization requirements when you arrive on the Pine Manor campus, you have seven (7) days to obtain the necessary immunizations, or you may be considered to have withdrawn from attending classes or living in the dorms on the Pine Manor College campus for the semester or for the course of study for which you are registered. Our staff at the Health and Wellness Center can assist you in finding places in our local area where you can obtain these immunizations (at cost to you).

Medical Insurance

All international students are required to have UNITED STATES medical insurance. Many US doctors and hospitals do not recognize out-of-country coverage, and so we require our international students to have a qualifying US medical insurance plan. Such a plan is offered by Pine Manor College, and information about this plan, and its cost, is found at

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