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It is with great sadness that we share with you that Sheryl Lovit passed away very early Wednesday morning, October 21st 2015. She valiantly fought her Leukemia to the very end.

Sheryl was a beloved teacher at Pine Manor College and helped many of our students discover and reach their potential. As the news of her passing broke, members of our community reflected on Sheryl’s dedication and contribution. Diane Mello-Goldner, Dean of the College, reflected: “Sheryl absolutely loved working here at Pine Manor and was totally committed to our students. We would often talk about our classes and students when she was an instructor in our EFP, Composition and ELI programs. Even after leaving PMC for health reasons, she continued to stay in touch with me and appreciated the information about our programs, students, faculty and staff. Her dedication and support will be missed by all who knew Sheryl.”

Barbara Schwartz, Assistant Professor Computer Studies, wrote: “Sheryl and I connected at Pine Manor College several years ago at a workshop and immediately bonded. We became close during her illness, especially this last year. I would text her in the morning to say hello; she would text back or email throughout the day or we would schedule a phone conversation. When I saw her in the hospital, first and foremost she wanted me to share stories about Pine Manor students, staff and faculty. She would ask about specific students and have concern for how they were doing. She was kind and loving. A true friend. I miss our daily chats. I saw her last this past Sunday. I will hold the image of holding her hand in my heart forever. What a valiant woman. I am honored to have been her friend.”

Dan Bohrs, Director of the English Language Institution (ELI) at Pine Manor wrote: “Sheryl was a very caring and committed teacher who challenged her students and worked hard to engage them.She worked for a time at ELI, running classes as well as tutoring students who were needing extra help. She did more than instruct them in writing and grammar, she helped them outside of the classroom, acting as a mother and counselor to students going through many challenges. Many students who were lucky enough to work with her credited her caring approach as having moved them from a difficult place to one where they felt confident. She was truly an inspiring and compassionate teacher in every sense of the word. She will be greatly missed but will continue to hold a special place in many hearts.”

Lauren Bennett, Academic coordinator at the ELI wrote: “Sheryl was truly dedicated to her students. Despite her illness, she was driven to see them succeed, even if it meant coming in to teach when she was tired and weak. Personally, I am greatly saddened by this news. Sheryl was like a second mother to me, though I was technically her supervisor. She and I bonded immediately as we both shared the same birthday, and we were both left handed! Sheryl was my mentor. We spent many evenings chatting on the phone, long after she had left PMC, and even when she was in Florida. She gave me career, educational and life advice. And she did so in the only way Sheryl could, which was to push me out of my comfort zone and expect the most of me. I’ll always be grateful for that. And I’ll always acknowledge that through some of the toughest moments in her life, she still counseled me. This kind of selflessness is so rare.”

Services at the Levine Chapels, 470 Harvard St., Brookline on Friday, October 23 at 10:30am.
Burial in the Hebrew Volin Cemetery, 776 Baker St., West Roxbury.
Memorial observance immediately following the burial through 5pm and continuing Sunday from 1-5pm at the home of Michael & Melinda Berman.

In lieu of flowers, remembrances may be made to “Dr. Stone’s Adult Leukemia Program”, c/o Dr. Richard Stone, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, 450 Brookline Ave., D-2053,Boston, MA 02215.

May she rest in peace.


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