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March 24, 2014

Exhibition Dates: March 26-May 11, 2014

Artists’ Talk and Reception:
Tuesday, April 1, 2-4pm
in the Hess Gallery, Pine Manor College

The Hess Gallery at Pine Manor College is pleased to present Play on Fashion. Witty, hilarious, and unusually over-the-top, Karen Meninno and Monica Mitchell give free rein to their passion for fashion in a new installation encompassing drawing, sculpture, and painting. Playing with the idea and actuality of fashion, the duo use vibrant pattern, texture, and color. Monica re-creates Velásquez’s Las Meninas in a surreal pastiche of contemporary materials, as well as an installation of truly dangerous shoes.. Karen considers the contemporary fashion world in an art context—inspired by designers such as Christian Lacroix–but her designs clothe aliens as well as people. Fashion becomes play, and play creates fashion in this dizzying alternate universe.

About the Artists
Monica Mitchell uses fashion to develop personal associations and reflections about class, gender roles, and consumerism. Her brightly colored patterned fabric, tulle, military camouflage patterning and duct tape bring to the viewers’ attention the ideas of masking and disorientation. New Delhi-born Londoner Karen Meninno brings her global imagination to bear on fashions from this and other galaxies, and creates new sculpture from fabrics custom-printed with her own drawings and photographs.

About the Hess Gallery
Pine Manor College educates and empowers a diverse student body to become accomplished, reflective, and confident leaders—one student at a time. The Hess Gallery at Pine Manor College is curated by Carole Rabe, and presents four to five shows a year. All gallery events are free and open to the public. Please check the website for hours and directions:

Gallery hours are the same as Annenberg Library hours:
Mon.—Th. 8am – 10pm; Fri. 8am – 5pm, Sat./Sun. 1pm—5pm.
For holiday hours check the library website:

Contact: Carolyn Wirth / / 978.298.5210

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