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Sallyann Kakas, PMC’s Director of Career Development, was quoted in a Forbes article. The article, titled: “I Did Not Know To Ask for Salary Negotiation Help”, was published today, January 10, 2013.  Here’s an excerpt:

Career Centers’ Salary Negotiation Services

College career centers offer preparation and assistance with salary negotiation. Sallyann Kakas, the Director of Career Development at Pine Manor College has an amazing background including working in corporate human resources to help any of their students forge ahead with their career. The center does help students and alumni with salary negotiation. One of Sallyann’s success stories is helping a student increase her starting salary by $20,000. Not all success stories are direct involvement in a salary negotiation.  Career counselors will assist students and alumni plan for negotiations before they even interview for a job. One important tip from Ms. Kakas is to “negotiate with the person who NEEDS you, not with human resources.”

Schools also provide negotiation training to their students through special programs and guest speaker events.  Kelly Buckley, Career Counselor, states, “At Lasell College, we have included salary negotiation as part of our Four Year Career Plan and as a step in the career research process.”  She also stated, “Students will come to me for salary guidance after receiving a job offer and we’ll discuss potential next steps before they make a decision about accepting the position.”

Negotiation Rooted in Curriculum

Back at Pine Manor, Sallyann Kakas highlights that most schools imbed learning negotiations throughout their curriculum.  Consider the omnipresent group assignments that are designed for students to learn to work together as they will as working professionals.  Sallyann states, “part of the art of working together is learning to negotiate with each other.  The students need to negotiate every aspect of the assignment with people they may not know well or at all. “

If the career centers at all colleges are in as impressive hands as Sallyann Kakas’ and staffed with counselors like Kelly Buckley then students have the opportunity to learn salary negotiation.  The problem is that there are so many things for students to learn about careers that students need to know to get help for salary negotiation.  Parents, aunts, uncles, and anyone who cares about a college student need to help them know to ask for salary negotiation knowledge.  Or those students could end up like my niece, ticked that no one told them.

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