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Pine Manor College President, Thomas M. O’Reilly, was invited to interview with Jeffery Davis from Radio Entrepreneurs. Davis began the interview by asking President O’Reilly about the transformation that Pine Manor College has gone through over the years. President O’Reilly explained how Pine Manor College, once a Woman’s private finishing college, has turned into one of the most diverse colleges in America – with a student body that is 85% students of color; about 84% of Pine Manors students are first-generation; and largely from low-income households. Yet 100% of the graduating class of 2016 either went on to attend grad school or were employed within 6 months of graduation. “Most Colleges look for college-ready students only, but here at Pine Manor College we look for not only college-ready but for college-capable students.” Said President O’Reilly, “students who have the light inside of them but haven’t had the opportunity to bring it out.”

The college believes that by providing these college-capable students the right support and resources, they will indeed be very successful in college and continue to have great careers and prosperous lives. To help our students succeed, Pine Manor provides experiential programs, which include service learning programs and senior internships. The College puts emphasis on building professional partnerships with the Bio-Medical, Healthcare, early education, and other organizations, all in an effort to give students real opportunities to work in their field of study when they graduate.

Listen to the full interview here: