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Pine Manor College would like to announce the hiring of Rebecca Mitchell, Ed.D., as our new full-time Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Math Program Coordinator.  She earned her Doctorate in Education with a Learning and Teaching, Mathematics Education Focus from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Prior to beginning at Pine Manor, Dr. Mitchell was an Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education at the Lynch School of Education at Boston College. Dr. Mitchell also was a high school mathematics teacher in Florida and in the Boston Public Schools, where she instructed all levels of mathematics.  Dr. Mitchell was interested in the position at Pine Manor because of her passion for teaching and mentoring students in mathematics in a diverse environment.  

Dr. Mitchell adds that her teaching is “grounded in a problem-centered approach, where students engage in the mathematical thinking, solve problems and justify solution approaches (and consider the reasonableness of their solutions), model data and use real-life applications, and make mathematical generalizations, often in discourse with their peers.  I use active and collaborative approaches and favor cross-disciplinary instruction and use of inquiry learning technology to promote quantitative literacy and reasoning. I am excited by the opportunity to teach a range of mathematics courses at Pine Manor, and the mission of attending to each learner as an individual aligns with my view of my instructional role.”

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