Withdrawal Refund Policy

Pine Manor College has undertaken long-term commitments for the benefit of all its students on the assumption that students who enroll will remain for the entire year. When a student withdraws before the end of the year for whatever reason, commitments made by the College on her behalf nevertheless remain and must be paid. Pine Manor College’s policy for refunds represents an attempt to be fair to the withdrawing student in light of the obligations the College has undertaken on her behalf.

Pine Manor College’s policy regarding refunds is as follows:

1. Tuition, room and board refunds may be granted only for official withdrawal from the College following the receipt by the Registrar of the required completed and signed form. Absence from classes does not constitute withdrawal. Generally, refunds for semester-length courses are granted as follows:

  • Students withdrawing at the College’s request for academic or disciplinary reasons may, at the discretion of the Financial Review Board, receive a prorated refund or credit for tuition and residence fee based on the number of full weeks remaining in the semester, after the week of the withdrawal.
  • No refund is granted when a student withdraws from individual courses.
  • All students who receive federal student aid funds and withdraw are subject to U.S. Department of Education's regulations for the Return of Title IV funds.  The Return of Title IV Funds policy is separate from the college's refund policy.
  • For purposes of determining the refund of federal student aid funds, any student who withdraws for any reason during the first 60 percent of the term will be subject to a pro rata schedule that will be used to determine the amount of Title IV funds a student has earned at the time of withdrawal.  A student who withdraws after the 60 percent point has earned 100 percent of the Title IV funds.  The amount of financial aid a student may retain and the amount the student is charged for tuition, fees, room and board are not directly related.  

Semester-Length Courses

If you withdraw before the start of the first week of classes you will not by charged tuition or room and board. After the first week of classes the following charges will apply:

  • If you withdrawing during the 1st week of classes, you will be charged 20% of tuition and room + board

  • If you withdrawing during the 2nd week of classes, you will be charged 40% of tuition and room + board

  • If you withdrawing during the 3rd week of classes, you will be charged 60% of tuition and room + board

  • If you withdrawing during the 4th week of classes, you will be charged 80% of tuition and room + board

  • During and after the 5th week you will be charged 100% of tuition and room+board

2. Residence, health, and student activity fees are not refundable. The Director of Finance will make the final decision on any refund.