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Update August 25th 2020



In making the decision about Fall 2020, Pine Manor College weighed many options. At the heart of our decision were our values:

Health and wellness of PMC community members inclusive of students, faculty, staff, and contracted employees.

Student success to support pathways towards degree completion.

As we open for Fall 2020, we will offer both on-line and in-person classes, so students can create a schedule that works best for them. Students who have housing or wellness insecurities will also have on-campus housing options.

We know that everyone in our community has experienced their own successes and challenges the past 6 months as the coronavirus pandemic has impacted our communities and lives differently. Through the different options Pine Manor College will offer this Fall 2020, we hope to meet all the needs in our community.

Pine Manor College 2.0: Covid-19 Control Plan embraces:

The changes and the challenges set upon us because of the world’s public health crisis, especially for Black and brown families and communities, who were disproportionately impacted.

Pine Manor College’s integration with Boston College (BC) who is financially supporting our efforts to re-open and educate with purpose.

Our values of health and wellness and student success.

If students have questions about the Pine Manor College 2.0: Covid-19 Control Plan, your classes, housing, or future, please reach out to your Student Success Coach.

If families have questions, please reach out to Lisa Rodrigues, Dean of Student Affairs, at

If employees have questions, please reach out to your supervisor or Shelley Dropkin, Director of Human Resources, at



The following plan outlines Pine Manor College’s Fall 2020. The document provides information for the Pine Manor College community on: Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Student Services, and Personnel.

Academic Affairs

Academic Calendar

Classes will run from September 22, 2020, to December 18, 2020 with exams December 21-23, 2020.

In efforts to minimize students’ travel for health and safety reasons, Pine Manor College will not have a Fall break and Thanksgiving break will start after students’ classes end on November 24, 2020. All classes will resume fully on-line after Thanksgiving break starting on Monday, November 30, 2020, since public health officials expect a spike in Coronavirus over the winter, which coincides with flu season.

Starting classes on September 22, 2020, allows time for Pine Manor College’s operations and student affairs teams to work with Boston College and prepare the Pine Manor College campus for enhanced safety and technology measures.

All faculty will add 12 ontact hours over the course of the semester in addition to their scheduled class times in the manner that makes the most sense for their instructional design to ensure required class hours are fulfilled. Faculty will communicate more about the additional class hours with their students in the syllabus at the start of the semester.

Classes and Class Materials

The faculty will teach about 75% of Pine Manor College classes online and about 25% of the classes through a combined in-person and on-line modality (called hybrid).

The Registrar and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs will schedule the hybrid classes (in-person and on-line) in classrooms that provide enough space for students to safely physically distance (6 feet between students) in class.

Faculty will conduct all student group work virtually, so students do not have to sit close together.

When possible, faculty will conduct face-to-face classes outside.

Faculty and staff will create individual packages of any class materials needed for face-to-face/hybrid classes, so students do not share materials.

Class sizes, whether on-line or hybrid, will reflect the number of students who need/want the course to ensure students can enroll in classes they need to make progress on their degree requirements. As always, Pine Manor College classes will remain small to allow for individualized learning and no in-person class will exceed 25 people. 

For in-person classes, faculty will take attendance at the start of each class for contract tracing purposes. 

Classes and Feeling Sick

If students or faculty feel at all sick, they should not attend face-to-face classes and take the on-line class option, if they feel well enough to do so.

If a classmate or professor tests positive for Covid-19, the entire class will be in quarantine for 2 weeks. Classes should all prepare for this possibility. Unless the professor is sick during this time and cannot teach, classes will continue on-line during quarantine.

Academic Buildings and Classroom Etiquette 

All exterior doors of buildings, including academic buildings, which have double doors will have the doors labeled with “entrance” and “exit” for enhanced traffic flow.

Hand sanitizers will be placed at the entrances to the buildings and dispensers in every classroom.

Community members must wear masks covering their nose and mouth while outside their residence hall room or private office, including in-class, and maintain safe physical distancing of 6 feet.

Windows and doors in the classroom should remain open to help promote air flow when weather permits.

Students will need to show their green screen on the daily health monitoring App before entering class. 


All faculty will be prepared for on-line learning in case we see a spike in Covid-19 cases on campus and need to quarantine or isolate students, faculty, and staff.

Students will see on their schedules which classes are online only or hybrid. Class format may change over time due to changes in the Coronavirus and community members’ health and safety. Your course instructor will have the most updated information on the course structure.

All advising meetings and faculty office hours will be conducted virtually or in open spaces such as the library or an open classroom. Faculty and advisors should not host office hours or students in their office space.

Faculty will offer on-line classes both synchronously (when classes meet at a designated time over Collaborateand asynchronously (when students can learn and move through the class material at their own pace and classes do not have a specified meeting time each weekdepending on student enrollment for individual classes. For synchronous sessions, the day and time listed for the course is the time planned for use as a virtual class session. If there are students from different time zones or with varying work schedules in the same class, the class will also be taught asynchronously, meaning not everyone will log-onto the class at the same time and students will access course materials and recorded lectures over Blackboard to complete the course. Students in synchronous learning classes should let their course instructor know at the start of the semester whether synchronous or asynchronous learning is best for them, knowing their situations may change over the semester.

Faculty will be encouraged to explore different means to build community in the classroom through group chats like GroupMe, hosting panels and programming on-line, and calling on the Student Success and Director of Restorative Practices to assist with engagement, as needed.

Students who have questions about fall classes should reach out to their Faculty Advisor.

Student Affairs


The Student Affairs team will host New Student Orientation (NSO) virtually during the week of August 24, 2020. Individual advising and registration meetings and small group welcome activities will take place over Zoom. Student Success Coaches will reach out directly to new students to schedule times for these meetings.

Residential Life

** PLEASE NOTE: This section is subject to change based on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Covid-19 protocols and/or increased spread of Coronavirus throughout the state, region, and country. Thank you for your continued flexibility during this difficult time. ** 

Students may apply for on-campus housing. Director of Residence Life, Tyrone Newsome will email applications to all students by August 7, 2020.

Once an application is received, a selection committee will review and evaluate your application. Once the evaluation is completed, students will hear back individually on a final decision for housing. The application itself is not a guarantee of on-campus housing. If you have questions about the application process, please reach out to your Student Success Coach, Director of Residence Life, Tyrone Newsome, and/or Dean of Student Affairs, Lisa Rodrigues.

On-campus housing/residential life will not look the same this year compared to previous years as physical distancing is essential.

  • When socializing, students may have no more than 3 students per room in their shared space at any given time.
  • The College highly encourages students to not share drinks, cigarettes, vapes, hookahs, and/or other item that increase the risk of coronavirus spreading.  
  • No guests (e.g., family, friends) will be permitted on campus. 
  • Students will only have access to their own buildings.
  • While in their own room with their roommate or alone, students do not need to wear masks. All other times, students should wear masks including when they are in their own room and with other people.

Move-in Day

Move-in day will be spread across several days for all residential students starting on September 11 for student leaders, September 14 for first-year students, and September 17 for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

  • Students will receive a 2-hour time frame from Student Affairs to move onto campus, so Residence Life can minimize traffic in and out of the buildings.
  • Students will be allowed to have one additional person come and help them move in.
  • Students will need to show a Covid-19 negative test result that is dated within three days (72 hours) before the start of classes/moving onto campus (students are responsible for this test themselves from a local provider).
  • Students who are COVID-19 positive and/or not feeling well will need to delay their move into the residence halls until the students feel better and can produce a COVID-19 negative test within 72 hours. 
  • Before coming to Pine Manor College’s campus for move-in, students will need to go to Boston College for COVID-19 testing. 
  • Students can schedule this test through the daily health monitoring app.
  • Once tested, students will receive a wristband that they will need to show to get their PMC residence hall keys for move-in. 
  • Upon moving onto campus, all students are expected to immediately self-quarantine until they get their COVID-19 testing results through Boston College and the daily health monitoring app. 
  • Students who test positive through the BC testing will be placed in the College’s isolation housing OR can go back home and move in after the 14-day isolation period ends. For more details on isolation housing, see the section on, “Health, Wellness, and COVID-19.” 

Students who plan to live on campus, should work with their Student Success Coach and/or families to think through the safest way to travel to campus for Fall 2020. Students traveling to campus via airplanes and/or public transportation should consider remote learning opportunities and/or taking safe, precautions when traveling to Massachusetts.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is requiring all people coming to Massachusetts, including college students, from anywhere outside of New England, New York, and New Jersey (with the exception to Rhode Island) to quarantine for 14 days upon entering Massachusetts OR show a COVID-19 Negative test result that is dated within the past three days (72 hours)(This list may change as COVID-19 rates change throughout the country and world). 

Students must also complete a Massachusetts Travel Form upon entering the State. The form can be found here:

Students flying to campus are encouraged to choose an airline where the middle seat is not booked and remains empty throughout the flight. Students who do not complete the Massachusetts Travel Form can receive up to a $500 fine. Students are responsible for the completion of this form. 

Students who are currently home and have a safe place to live should discuss the benefits of staying home and consider taking on-line classes in Fall 2020 to avoid unnecessary exposure to Covid-19.

Residential Students and Isolation or Quarantine

Pine Manor College will hold one building aside for students who are sick and need isolation. Pine Manor College students may also utilize off-campus space provided by Boston College for students who need to isolate.

Any students on a floor where a student shows symptom of Covid-19 must quarantine themselves for 14-days to reduce the risk of spread.

If a severe outbreak occurs on campus, Pine Manor College administration may have all community members tested for Covid-19 and ask students who are Covid-19 negative OR all students to leave campus for an undetermined length of time to ensure students’ safety.

Pine Manor College will not be responsible for re-funding room and board costs if the campus must close.

Winter housing for residential students cannot be confirmed at this time.

Student Health and Wellness

Student counseling will continue through Brookline Center via telehealth.

Students will have access to Boston College infirmary and health care.

See section called, “Health, Wellness, and COVID-19 for information on health and wellness related to COVID-19 and testing. 

Community Standards

Updates to community standards will reflect Covid-19 rules and restrictions. Students should refer to the Pine Manor College Student Handbook.

Student Success

In line with PMC’s student success model, before classes begin, every student will hear from their Student Success Coach to discuss and secure access to:

  • Food and shelter
  • Broadband internet
  • Private computer access with a writing program such as Google Drive or Microsoft Word.
  • Class materials
  • Students’ work schedules
  • Students’ class schedules
  • Traveling to campus

Students will continue to work with their Student Success Coaches through virtual platforms and text-messaging/phone.

Students should reach out to their Student Success Coach throughout the semester if/when:

  • Feeling ill 
  • Falling behind in classes 
  • Personal obstacles prohibit student success 
  • Access to quiet space, technology, wifi is compromised/unavailable 
  • They want to talk, need advice, want to hear about Perry or Cowboy. 
  • If students test positive for Covid-19

Students should expect to hear from their Student Success Coach weekly for a check-in.

Student Success will continue programming and small group meetings through virtual platforms.

Athletics and Recreation

Fall semester athletics will be suspended.

Decisions about men’s and women’s basketball and baseball participation in the spring semester will be made by the first week in December.

Coaches will run leadership development training and NCAA experience programming online.

Athletics and coaches will run daily fitness/sport specific workouts online.

The fitness center and gym spaces will remain closed.

Students are encouraged to use the outdoor basketball hoop and wear masks if playing. Play should be limited to 4 students at any given time for safety reasons and students feeling ill should not play or watch.

Student Services

The following services will re-open when students return to campus on September 11, 2020. 

Shuttle bus capacity will be limited to 4 passengers and 1 driver (5 total).

All riders need to have a PMC ID; Guests will not be permitted on the shuttle bus.

All riders need to wear masks to come onto the shuttle bus and throughout the ride.

When weather permits, windows should remain open on the bus to allow for increased circulation.

Riders should sit in the designated seats on the shuttle bus marked by a “sit here” sticker. 

Students will need to show their green screen on the CoVerified App before coming onto the campus shuttle bus. 

Campus IDs 

All local PMC students will receive Pine Manor College IDs and Boston College (BC) IDs. 

BC IDs will provide students access to BC’s health services (physical and mental health). 

PMC IDs will provide students access to their residence hall, dining facilities, and serve as the students’ library card. 

Social Spaces, Gatherings, and Meetings 

There will be no College sponsored events on campus; all programming will occur virtually.

All PMC meetings with external partners must take place virtually or off-campus to be mindful of on-campus employees.

Guests on campus are limited to those coming to campus for Special Events.

PMC students may not work PMC special events.

Campus offices may not hold more than three people at any time. Smaller offices should be limited to one or two people to ensure social distancing.

Students hanging out in common spaces should be at least 6’ apart at all times.

Physical Distancing and Safety
Community members should always remain 6 feet apart from each other. 

Community members should use the respective marked doors for entering/exiting buildings and always stay to the right side on staircases and sidewalks.  

All doors that can be propped, should remain propped to avoid touching doorknobs. 

Windows should be opened as weather permits to enhance ventilation. 

Building entrances will have hand sanitizer stations. 

Only one person should be in the Student Center elevator at any given time. 

Meetings, Conference Rooms, Office Hours, and Social Spaces

People should always remain 6 feet apart during meetings, office hours, and gatherings. 

There will be no College sponsored events on campus; all programming will occur virtually. 

Guests on campus are limited to those coming to campus for Special Events or official college business (e.g., mail delivery, emergency responders, contractors). 

PMC students may not work PMC special events.  


Ideally, all meetings should take place over a virtual platform. If meetings must be held in-person, meetings of 4 or more people should occur outside, in the President’s Dining Room, Founder’s Room, or Meditation Room to allow for optimal physical distancing. 

There must be at least 1,000 square feet of space for 8 people and no more than 25 attendees for an in-person event (per 

All room reservations should be made through Special Events’ Events Scheduler who will work with Jim Piermarini and housekeeping to ensure public spaces are cleaned between usages. 

Meetings must all be scheduled through the Event Scheduler 5 business days in advance and cannot be scheduled last minute or be held spontaneously as housekeeping may not be available for cleaning.  

During meetings, no food or beverages should be served or consumed to ensure mask usage throughout the meeting. 

Anyone hosting a physical meeting is encouraged to ask all employees to start the meeting by having attendees share their green screen from the daily health monitoring app. 

All PMC meetings with external partners should take place virtually. 

Offices and office hours 

Ideally, all office hours will occur over a virtual platform.  

Department supervisors/teams should promote virtual office hours and clearly publicize how people can make appointments with their teams.  

Offices should hold no more than 3 people at any time, and only hold 3 people if proper social distancing can be enforced. 

All offices should have hand sanitizer. 

Employees should position their office desk to allow 6 feet of space between the employee sitting at their desk and a visitor who may enter their office. 

Employees who are in offices with 6 feet of space should put a chair or sticker on the ground to mark off 6 feet of space from the employee’s desk. (This is the employee’s individual responsibility to mark off their office space; employees can get stickers to mark off their standing/sitting space from Shelley Dropkin or Jim Piermarini). 

Employees who are in offices that do not have 6 feet of space should put a note on their door indicating that all appointments should be scheduled and/or conducted virtually given physical space limitations within the office. 

Employees are responsible for wiping down their offices with disinfectant. Offices and departments should publish their physical office hours on their office doors, on the web, and in the signature of their emails to enhance communication. 

Classrooms and Conference Rooms

Indoor classrooms and conference rooms should never exceed more than 25 people at a given time and not exceed 50% of the room’s capacity based on fire code. 

All tables and chairs should be kept as is and not moved around. Stickers on the ground or on the backs of the chairs (depending on the room configuration) indicate seating arrangements to ensure proper physical distancing. 

Hygiene and Cleaning
C&W Housekeeping will regularly clean and disinfect the campus’s public areas using cleaning products approved by the CDC; the closed buildings/rooms on campus will not be regularly cleaned. 

C&W Housekeeping will disinfect rooms between usages.  

Community members should wash their hands frequently, especially when coming in from outside, if they touch someone else, or if they touch shared objects (e.g., doorknobs, pens). 

Employees should keep anti-bacterial hand sanitizer in their offices and classrooms. Please email Director of Operations, Jim Piermarini, at for additional hand sanitizer. 

Employees should wipe down meeting tables, chairs, and shared office supplies (e.g., photocopier) after use with sanitizing wipes/products. Please email Director of Operations, Jim Piermarini, at for additional cleaning products. 

If someone on campus tests positive for COVID-19, all areas the person frequented in the past 48 hours will receive a deep cleaningThis cleaning may require buildings close until the cleaning occurs. 

Health, Wellness, and COVID-19

Mental and Physical Wellness 

Student counseling will continue through Brookline Center via telehealth. 

Students can receive an unlimited number of therapy/counseling sessions as a Pine Manor College student. If students leave PMC or graduate, they can contact the Brookline Center to learn more about continuing therapy with the Brookline Center or elsewhere. 

All community members are all encouraged to get their year flu vaccination to help prevent additional illness. 

Students have access to Boston College’s University Health ServicesStudents should call 617-552-3225 to schedule an appointment or speak with a nurse at Boston College’s University Health Services. 

During Coronavirus, Pine Manor College’s Human Resources encourages all employees to begin or continue yearly appointments with their primary care physicians and mental health counselors. 

To locate a mental health counselor or doctor, visit www. or Pine Manor College’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – New Directions – 800-624-5544 or visit 

Mask Requirements 

Community members must always wear masks when on campus.  

Masks must cover a person’s nosemouth, and chin in its entirety. 

All community members will receive paper masks upon returning to campus and have access to additional masks throughout campus.  

Community members should bring their own reusable masks to campus and wash them after each wear.  

Since all community members must wear masks in public, community members may no longer smoke on-campus. 

It is expected that people wear masks except: 

  • While eating/drinking 
  • In your own room or office when in there alone 
  • Engaged in solo activities (e.g., going on a walk) 

Community members should wear their masks in all restrooms on campus. If physical distancing in the restroom is not possible, employees should wait outside physical distancing is possible. 

Isolation and Quarantine 

Community members exposed to a COVID-19 positive person must enter a 14-day quarantine in their home/residence hall room.  

To reduce risk of spread, any students on a floor where a student is found COVID-19 positive must (1) quarantine themselves for 14-days and (2) not show COVID-19 symptoms before being relinquished from quarantine. 

To reduce risk of spread, any students in a classroom where a student is found COVID-19 positive must (1) quarantine themselves for 14-days and (2) not show COVID-19 symptoms before being relinquished from quarantine. 

Community members diagnosed as COVID-19 positive must enter isolation for a minimum of 14-days and until symptoms subside. Students may return to their residence halls and classes once Boston College’s medical team clears the students. 

Pine Manor College and Boston College have set aside rooms for students in isolation. Boston College will transport students to the isolation rooms, so students are not responsible for getting themselves to the isolation location.  

In isolation, students will receive meals from Boston College dining services at no additional cost to students’ current meal plans. 

Boston College will oversee all contact tracing for community members who test positive for COVID-19 and be in touch with the appropriate Public Health Officials.  

If a severe outbreak occurs on campus, Pine Manor College administration will have all community members tested for COVID-19. Residential students who are COVID-19 negative may be asked to return home or move off-campus; residential students who are COVID-19 positive will be moved into isolation. If necessary, Pine Manor College will shut down and close all residential halls to ensure students’ safety and wellbeing. 

Pine Manor College will not be responsible for refunding room and board costs if the campus must close. 


Pine Manor College will follow Boston College’s testing protocol as follows: 

Mass testing at the beginning of the semester followed by extensive asymptomatic and high-contact, randomized surveillance testing each week will help provide for the safety of those in the Pine Manor College community and our surrounding neighborhoods. 

Antibody and antigen testing, as well as other tests, do not exempt PMC community members from obtaining a COVID-19 test through BC on arrival to campus. 

The Broad Institute will notify faculty, staff, and students who test negative. The Broad will also inform the Massachusetts Board of Health and the director of University Health Services at Boston College, who serves as the physician of record for tests, about any positive tests; and he or a designee will then communicate directly with those who test positive or whose test is indeterminatePlease note that an indeterminate result is not a positive result, but will necessitate retesting. All students living on campus who test positive during asymptomatic screening will be immediately placed in isolation in College housing for a minimum of 10 days and must be symptom free for 24 hours before they can be released from isolation. Boston College’s University Health Services staff will monitor daily all undergraduates in quarantine and isolation, and Dining Services will deliver food to their locations. 

Boston College will work with state and local departments of health and conduct extensive contact tracing of anyone who tests positive for COVID-19, particularly to obtain information about activities within six feet of others for longer than 15 minutes during the previous 48 hours without appropriate mask or face coveringIn accordance with state and federal guidelines, any Pine Manor College student living on campus linked to a person found to be positive for the coronavirus will be quarantined in College housing for 14 days, monitored by Boston College’s Health Services staff, and provided meals by BC Dining Services. Undergraduate living off-campus will quarantine and isolate at their apartment or home, where they will continue their studies remotely and be monitored by Boston College’s University Health Services. 

The College will use the daily health monitoring app, which is integrated with The Broad Institute process. All faculty, staff, and students on campus will be required to download the app before their arrival on campus, and utilize it each day for their self-health check regarding COVID-19 symptoms (as determined by the CDC), as well as a mode to obtain negative test results and schedule further testingDuring the daily self-check, students, faculty, and staff who indicate they have no symptoms will achieve a green “ok” notice on their smartphone. If symptoms are indicated, faculty and staff will be instructed not to travel to campus; students living on and off campus will be directed to phone Boston College’s University Health Services for consultation regarding next steps. 

Boston College’s University Health Services’ staff reconfigured their medical space this summer to have two separate clinic spaces for COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 treatmentShould Pine Manor College students believe they may have coronavirus symptoms, either from their own assessment or prompted by the daily health monitoring app, they will be given an appointment in the COVID-19 clinic area and evaluated by a healthcare professionalIf a swab test is needed based on symptoms, a sample will be obtained and sent to a lab for processing, which could be in University Health Services or the Boston College lab in Higgins Hall, providing results in approximately 3-4 hours. The student tested will wait for the results in a plexiglass-partitioned room and, if positive, will immediately go to isolation. If negative, the student will be further evaluated. 

It is advised that all students either have a bag packed or this list available in case they receive positive COVID-19 test results. Consider packing: toiletries for up to 2 weeks, pajamas and slippers, comfortable clothing, books, a laptop, your phone charger, some of your favorite snacks, school work, over the counter cold/flu medicine and/or any prescriptions or vitamins you take regularly, and tissues. 

Any testing exceptions must receive the approval from the Dean of Student Affairs (for students) or Director of Human Resources (for personnel). Exceptions will only be made if there are complications with using BC’s University Health Services and the Broad Institute; otherwise, all testing must go through BC and Broad. 

Daily COVID-19 Self Screening 

Pine Manor College community members will use a daily health monitoring app to ensure the health and wellness of the community.

Through the daily health monitoring app, community members can complete a daily checklist to ensure they do not have any COVID-19 symptoms and receive notifications and updates regarding their COVID-19 tests. 

All PMC community members must go through the following checklist on the daily health monitoring App before leaving their home or residence hall room every day. If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below within the past 24 hours, students should stay home or in their residence hall and call Boston College’s University Health Services or their primary care physician and their Student Success Coach. Employees should also stay home, call their primary care physician, and inform their supervisor. 

  • Do you have a fever (temperature over 100.4°F) without having taken any fever reducing medications?  
  • Do you have new loss of taste or smell? 
  • Do your muscles ache? 
  • Do you have a sore throat? 
  • Do you have a cough? 
  • Are you experiencing shortness of breath? 
  • Do you have repeated shakes/chills? 
  • Do you have a headache?  
  • Do you feel more tired than usual? 
  • Have you had any of these symptoms in the past 24 hours not related to allergies such as a runny nose or congestion?  
  • Have you experienced any GI symptoms such as nausea/ vomiting, diarrhea, or loss of appetite? 
  • Have you, or anyone you have been in close contact with (within 6 feet for 15 or more minutes) been diagnosed with COVID-19 or been placed on quarantine for possible contact with COVID-19?      
  • Has a medical professional or local public health official asked you to self-isolate or quarantine? 

Community members who are symptom-free will receive a green screen on the daily health monitoring app. Students must show this green screen to get access to the dining hall and classes. All community members will need to show this screen when entering campus.  

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